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The Needles Battery

The Needles Old Battery stands on the cliffs above the weathered teeth of chalk that mark the most Westerly point on the Isle of Wight. The battery was built in the 1860's as part of the Southern defence against the increasing possibility of French attack. The site was also important during both world wars as a strategic lookout post. The laboratory, lookout posts, and searchlight positions have all been restored, and are reached by a 65-metre tunnel.

Needles Battery: by Simon TophamNeedles Battery: by Simon TophamThe area around the fort is thought to be haunted by the ghosts of soldiers in First World War uniforms. The apparitions are said to run along a tunnel that leads to the observation and searchlight post above the needles.

More information on the haunted battery can be found in Gay Baldwin's The Isle of Wight Ghost Book IV, also consider her website:

Reached via the B3322 west of Freshwater Bay.

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