Towneley Hall, Burnley

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Towneley Hall, Burnley
    ‘Lancashire Folk-lore’ (1867) by John Harland and T. T. Wilkinson.

    The mansion at Towneley does not escape the imputation of having its "Boggart," although its visits are now limited to once in seven years, when its thirst for vengeance has to be satisfied by the untimely death of one of the residents at the Hall. A Sir John Towneley is supposed to have injured the poor of the district, nearly four hundred years ago, by "laying-in" a considerable portion of common to his park, and, as a punishment for this offence, his soul is said to haunt the scenes of his oppression. The peasantry still aver "that the old knight’s spirit, being unable to rest, wanders about the mansion, and may be heard over the very parts taken in, crying, in most piteous tones—

    "Be warned! Lay out! Be warned! Lay out!Around Hore-law and Hollin-hey clough: To her children give back the widow’s cot, For you and yours there is still enough."