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Hall Place, Bexley Village, is a Grade I listed building and records show that a manor has existed within its grounds since 1241. It is supposedly haunted by three ghosts.

In the attic there is reputedly the spirit of a maidservant. The second is that of Lady Constance who leapt to her death from the tower after witnessing her husband Sir Thomas being killed by a stag in the courtyard. The third ghost is said to be Edward, the Black Prince, who appears in black armour and is said to be a bad omen for whoever encounters his apparition.

The Black Prince (b15/06/1330 - d08/06/1376) is said to have courted his cousin Joan, The Fair Maid of Kent by the river Cray which runs through the grounds of Hall Place. They were eventually married at Windsor Castle on 10 October 1361. During his lifetime he was known as Edward of Woodstock and the first time the title Black Prince was used was in Richard Grafton's Chronicle of England 1568. The name may have come from a black cuirass (a piece of armour) that was presented to him after the Battle of Crecy.

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