The Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen

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  1. Darkcompass says:

    Re: The Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen
     I worked as a chef at this Hotel for a few years  1999 – 2002,  It is a beautiful building with the local river running under it (flood alert!)  and lots of twisty corridores.  
    One late afternoon I was compiling some paperwork on the table opposite the main bar room door by the side of the arch that goes through to the dining room, when a large wolfhound trotted through the kitchen door & into the restaurant.  It turned it’s head briefly to look at me as it went past & had a chain around it’s neck.  My first though was ‘who had left a door open, where did that come from’  type of thing & I got up to go into the dead-end restaurant to capture the loose dog only to find it not there. 
    Noises, glimpses out of the corner of your eye & things moving were all part of working at the OG as well as an ace boss (Hi, Ifor!), great customers & good friends.  It could be a very spooky place especially when you’re trying to find a member of staff in the labyrynth of bedrooms but also a very welcoming, comfortable place to be in.   Set directly in front of the local church I once had the fright of my life when looking out of the plate wash window to see a giant illuminated cross hanging in mid air!  The church had put up it’s christmas decorations!!