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Semer Water

Associated with a legend about a vanished town, drowned because of its indifference to a beggar. One day a beggar came to the proud and rich town asking for shelter, but was turned away at every door. He eventually came to a cottage on a hill at the edge of the town where an old couple allowed him to stay. The next morning the beggar had gone, and the whole town - apart from the old couples cottage was underwater.


Directions: Reached via a minor road off the A684 to the Southeast of Hawes.

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Ghost Road?

I found a tale relating to this area by the folklorist Edmund Bogg (circa late 1800s).  "A rough road from Bainbridge to the north side of the lake passes Semmerdale Hall, where the dale's folk say that on dark nights ghosts, arrayed in white apparel, are still to be seen wandering."



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