Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill

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5 Responses

  1. K Corkery says:

    Uffington Castle

    Most beautiful peaceful site – great way to spend a day, the views are spectacular.

  2. Ian Topham says:

    Satellite Image

    I agree with you there.  I hope that those who haven’t visited Uffington yet can get a idea of the layout using the Satallite view on the map above.  It is certainly worth a visit.

  3. wickedsarah says:

    Re: Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill
    One of my most favourite places in the country, in the summer skylarks sing and the views are magical. There’s also a lovely walk along the Ridgeway to Wayland’s Smithy.
    Though the Horse can also appear and disappear on misty days!!

  4. Meadow says:

    Re: Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill
    We visited this site a couple of years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and it was the only hill I walked during late pregnancy. It was fantastic to see the white horse, though when we went to see the castle site there was nothing but a circle and a sign telling you about the castle, I would have loved to see a ruin at least lol. Though it was a great way to spend an afternoon and the white horse is just fab..

  5. darrylgriff says:

    Re: Uffington White Horse and Dragon Hill
    I live 5 miles away , a beautiful place . Alsothere is an ancient burial ground there called Wayland Smithy