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Creech Hill

The Creech Hill Bullbegger is said to haunt the area, as a tall apparition who laughs manically from the hillside. A Bullbeggar is the local name for a boggart or mischievous spirit.

The story goes that a farmer was returning home late one night - no doubt full of local ale - when he came upon a prone figure in the road, being the helping kind he bent down to see what was the matter with the poor chap, but was startled when figure rose up to tower above him. The creature chased the terrified man all the way home. A bullbeggar is another word used for a bogey or boggart in Somerset, those mischievous spirits which were thought to cause mishaps and frighten lonely travellers. The story may be an invention of the 1880's when two crossed bodies were discovered during quarrying activity. The tradition grew up that the area was then haunted by a black dog and by the sound of footsteps following those who walked near the hill.

Some sources also suggest that the hill was the site of a pagan temple, which became a Christian shrine during the Dark Age.

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Re: Creech Hill

The following information was e-mailed into the website:

I am a local person who has lived at the bottom of hill for 19 years. We regularly hear these chilling screams late at night and I have also seen the tall,gaunt hunched shouldered man walking through the path in trees. The dog was running behind him and he didn't like it.  I left the field very quickly!

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Re: Creech Hill

 id love to contact the witness, i run a wildman sightings database, and id love to hear the description of the "man". thank you. 




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