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Savernake Forest Hotel

Now converted into a series of private residences, the reputedly haunted, Grade II listed Savernake Forest Hotel was built by George William Frederick Brudenell-Bruce, 2nd Marquess of Ailesbury and Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire (Born 20 November 1804 – Died 6 January 1878) in 1864. Its purpose was to serve customers of the newly built Savernake Railway Station (closed 18 April 1966) on the Berks & Hants Extension Railway running between Hungerford and Devizes which opened 11 November 1862. As the station was eight miles from the hotel it was also possibly to serve visitors to Tottenham House, the home of the Marquess of Ailesbury.

There appears to be two main apparitions associated with the Savernake Forest Hotel, these being a large black dog and an elderly Victorian gentleman. The dog has apparently been seen frequently by staff and guests in several locations including the kitchen, public bars and the hotel grounds.

The Victorian gentleman in a stove-pipe hat has been reported sitting smoking a pipe in the residents lounge bar and possibly also upstairs, where a similar figure has apparently been seen, and on one occasion passing through a locked door.

A sad eyed young girl aged 10-12 years old has been reported as coming through the wall of one of the rooms.

As with many haunting associated with bars and public houses, the beer pump taps turned themselves off, lights turning on and off and doors opening by themselves.

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