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Kerry McKenna…Artist, Singer, Musician

Kerry McKenna is an artist, singer and musician based in Avebury, Wiltshire. Earlier this year I came across her slate paintings whilst visiting Avebury and was immediately impressed. What I didn’t know was about her UFO experience or her conferences. Enough from me, I’ll let Kerry introduce herself – (intro by Ian Topham)

Hi this is me Kerry, I live on the outer edge of the Avebury stone circle here in the UK. As well as being in love with all things creative I am also a keen UFO Buff after a sighting of a strange object in 89 whilst with my family in South Wales.

This lead me to explore life in more detail and now I am intrigued with the crop circles, paranormal, ancient ancestors, balls of light, the universe, quantum theory, religions and ET etc.

I have been extremely interested in the magical, mystical standing stones of Avebury in the UK, and the sites of the world for many years.

I paint the ancient sites onto Welsh and Cornish slates which in themselves are millions of years old. I use acrylic paints and the slates vary in size.

Please browse the images in photo gallery on my website and state the slate number that you are interested in. If you would like a slate painted of your favourite pet, scene or house etc please send a Jpeg image by email.

I have written many albums of music ranging from relaxation-meditation music through to Jazz, pop, ballads etc. Most of my music, words and vocals are all based on a spiritual theme and the journey of the soul.

At the age of thirteen I encountered the acoustic guitar and taught myself how to play. I sat in my bedroom for hours at a time whilst discovering magical emotive chords. The time would fly by as I wrote songs. I taught myself the keyboards and began singing in a six piece pop band similar to Abba. In 1979 we passed auditions and sang on ITV’s talent show ‘Search for a Star’. It was an amazing experience to record in the studio for a week, to have the Alan Ainsworth orchestra behind us and to be taught how to dance by choreographer (Brian Rogers).

Then at age 27 I had a very dramatic, life changing experience. Myself and my family witnessed a UFO in Abergavenny, South Wales. I had fallen asleep in the back of our car when Tom, my husband, put his foot on the brake very hard. I was immediately awoken with Tom pointing out through the window at a strange silver sphere like object that was eerily still above the pine trees. We had gone to a barbecue earlier that afternoon with other members of our family in two cars. We saw the object whilst travelling home. We stopped our car to view the object and noticed that the other members of our family appeared not to have seen it and drove off.

We watched the object for maybe a minute or so when it decreased in size and took off at high speed to our right. We were so excited and when we got home thank goodness the other members of our family also saw this object. We all spent the following hours having conversations that we had never had before such as ‘Is there life in the universe’ ET’s visiting Earth, religion etc. There were also other witnesses that evening.

I held weekly meeting at our home after the sighting eager to see if others had seen strange things. The meetings soon grew into weekend conferences attended by over 500 people. Approximately 20 speakers from all over the world such as Pulitzer prize winner Professor John E Mack, David Icke, Reg Presley and many more would to talk to us about Alien Abductions, crop circles, ghosts, life after death etc.

The BBC got to hear of the conference and was amazed that a housewife, ME, could put together such a large event single handed (without the aid of a PC) and that I could organize the whole thing etc so much so that they made a TV documentary about my family and our experience.

My life was changing at a rapid rate and I felt like that UFO had opened my mind to things that I had never considered before such as environmental issues, Quantum physics etc, becoming vegetarian and I stopped smoking and drinking, all because of observing something strange in the sky.

From then on in I was addicted to all things mysterious so In 96 we moved to Avebury Wiltshire the land of the crop circles where I continued to hold paranormal events, write music and now my lastest love is to paint the ancient sites onto Welsh and Cornish slate as well as UFO’s, crop circles, pyramids, fairies, animals, in fact all things mysterious.

My slate paintings are for sale or I can paint commissioned works. Please visit my website for more information. My music can be purchased from Diviniti Publishing Kent or myself.

Kerry McKenna
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Kerry McKenna



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