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An Interview With Andrew Homer

Following the recent release of ‘Haunted Hostelries of Shropshire’, published by Amberley Press and featuring some of the best haunted pubs and hotels in and around the county, I took the opportunity to put a few questions to its author, Andrew Homer, who I’ve known for several years now after we served together on the board of directors of ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomal

Kerry McKenna…Artist, Singer, Musician

Kerry McKenna is an artist, singer and musician based in Avebury, Wiltshire. Earlier this year I came across her slate paintings whilst visiting Avebury and was immediately impressed. What I didn’t know was about her UFO experience or her conferences. Enough from me, I’ll let Kerry introduce herself – (intro by Ian Topham)


An Interview With Andy Paciorek

Mysterious Britain & Ireland is happy to feature work from a number of talented contributors. When we were contacted by Andy Paciorek, a graphic artist who draws much of his inspiration from folklore and myths we were thrilled to hear that he wanted to contribute some of his fantastic pieces of work.


ASSAP: The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomolous Phenomena

The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomalous Phenomena (ASSAP) has been investigating the weird seriously (and the seriously weird) since 1981. Our main aims are paranormal research and education. Anomalous phenomena include psychic phenomena, UFOs, Forteana and earth mysteries.

1 – A History

The idea for the Mysterious Britain website was really seeded with a huge project started in the early 1990s to record strange experiences, folklore and legends from each county in the UK. As a result of three years research we developed a document covering most of the counties, referenced with sources that has been the baseline for much of the research within the site.