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An Interview With Dr Jason Braithwaite

We recently caught up with Dr Jason Braithwaite, a cognitive neuroscientist at the University of Birmingham with an interest in anomalous experience, hallucinations, and aberrations in self-consciousness. He also has a formidable reputation for being extremely well informed on matters of the brain / mind relationship, and high quality scientific research.


An Interview With Andrew Homer

Following the recent release of ‘Haunted Hostelries of Shropshire’, published by Amberley Press and featuring some of the best haunted pubs and hotels in and around the county, I took the opportunity to put a few questions to its author, Andrew Homer, who I’ve known for several years now after we served together on the board of directors of ASSAP (The Association for the Scientific Study of Anomal


An Interview With Andy Paciorek

Mysterious Britain & Ireland is happy to feature work from a number of talented contributors. When we were contacted by Andy Paciorek, a graphic artist who draws much of his inspiration from folklore and myths we were thrilled to hear that he wanted to contribute some of his fantastic pieces of work.


An Interview With Rev Lionel Fanthorpe

A few years ago I was captivated by a talk given by Rev Lionel Fanthorpe at the first Muncaster Paranormal Conference and having been a fan of his since the days he presented Fortean TV in the mid 1990’s, I was disappointed that I missed the opportunity to speak to him. Therefore I was delighted when he agreed to give an exclusive interview for Mysterious Britain & Ireland.