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Fairy Spells by Claire Nahmad, Souvenir Press

This is an interesting mix of a book, not entirely as the title would suggest about fairy spells but about the world of fairies and how to connect with them. There are a few spells especially in chapter four about how to summon fairies, how to protect yourself from them and how to be welcomed into their realm.

On the whole the book is informative and explains the connection between fairies, angels, the great goddess and nature; the hours best to seek out fairies and the oils to anoint and protect. It explains the impish and mischievous nature and how to deal with the playfulness of these ethereal beings. It is not a read for the faint hearted however: connecting to the otherworld requires a great deal of knowledge, timing and chanting according to the author.

The book is beautifully written and well researched and the illustrations will be recognised by anybody interested in this topic. Claire obviously knows her subject and contends that she is descended from a long line of herbalists and wise-women

Although I enjoyed the book I found it too much like a text book required for examination purposes. For me a book like this should revive the childhood memories of joy and enthusiasm and mystical journeys of innocence that all children believing in the fairy experience. It didn’t quite take me back to the magic of childhood but I did take from it a great deal of information about our fairy friends and it gave me a holistic picture of our overlapping worlds.

Another book which does bring out the innocence and magic of this subject is: Believing in Fairies, A manual for adults, by Marcia Zina Mager and Tom Cross, it would be worth comparing the two.

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Anna Rose P



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