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  1. Red Don says:

    The Keshoyagura Turret in
    The Keshoyagura Turret in Himeji Castle is where Princess Senhime lived. She had quite a colourful life.  At the age of six she was married to Toyotomi Hideyori. He was forced to commit suicide after being defeated in battle and Senhime was a widow by the age of 19 years. When Osaka castle was besieged and set on fire her grandfather promised her hand in marriage to the man who saved her. Lord Sakazaki risked his life to get her out safely, but Senhime was then married to another man called Tadatoki Honda. Sakazaki was enraged and plan to steal Senhime away, by force if necessary. It is probably at this time she moved to Himeji Castle. Sakazaki was forced to commit suicide.