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I am interested in ghosts and hauntings and have been since childhood. Whilst not exactly sceptical, I try to maintain an objective view on the subject. Many hauntings have a rational explanation but there are some that can not be explained so easily, if at all.

I have been collecting information for a number of years about ghosts within the London Borough of Enfield, from books, old newspaper articles, websites and the occasional word-of-mouth and am writing a book on the subject.

I grew up in Enfield (I now live in Hertfordshire), which is the reason for my specific interest in this area, and I would especially like to hear of any sightings or other experiences from within this Borough (which includes places such as Cockfosters, Edmonton, Palmer's Green, Ponder's End, Southgate and Winchmore Hill as well as Enfield), especially personal experiences - If it is something you have read in a book, I've probably read the same book but you never know, I might have missed it.

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Re: Another newbie

Hi All.   I have a big interest in the paranormal, though I have no experience in
investigations, I'm an interested member of the audience but maybe this forum
will tempt me on to the stage in time.


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Re: I'm new here

Hello Megiddo and thanks for joining in.  There is nothing wrong with being skeptical.  A friend of mine described skeptic as someone who who looks both ways crossing a one way street (not sure where he got the quote from).  A skeptic questions everything and that is probably a good place to start.

Hopefully we'll be able to help uncover some more Enfield cases for you :)

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Re: I'm new here

Welcome Megiddo.  How many cases do you know of in Enfield?  The one that springs to my mind is of course the Enfield Poltergeist.

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Re: I'm new here

I would say there are about twenty sites that have at some time been reputed to be haunted around the borough. Many of these have had just a brief mention in either a newspaper article or a book, with not much else to back it up... but watch this space.



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