Places to visit

Places to visit

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Places to visit
    Welcome to the site Kelly.  I know Glossop and the area your from fairly well so I’ll give it some thought, but historically + supernaturally  interesting + Free may be tough :).  

  2. kelly10 says:

    Re: Places to visit
    Glad someone is having a think for me, everywhere I want to visit is too far away and I feel that I have exhausted all ideas etc, so good to have another brain on the case.

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Places to visit
    For starters you have of course got places like Castleton and Eyam not far from you.  As villages they are free to visit, historically interesting and Castleton at least has a few hauntings in its vacinity.

  4. kelly10 says:

    Re: Places to visit
    Already been to Castleton. As such it’s just a normal little villages you find anywhere, that you visit once in a while for a change of scenary. To get anything more in depth you have to really take part in one of the tours/vigils. There was one a few years back but the cost was £60.

    I’ve never been to Eyam but know others that have and they said it was very boring and you might as well just walk down a little street where you live. Plus it’s not really a place my boyfriend would find interesting enough.

    One place I’m definately going to visit when it reopens is Ordsall Hall. That’s the type of venue my boyfriend would appreciate.

    I’d love to visit an old hall somewhere, one that I don’t yet know about

  5. kelly10 says:

    Re: Places to visit
    Well I did hope that there would be lots of ideas of where to visit, come on peeps someone must know of somewhere interesting to visit that’s a little bit different or have some strange stories attached to it.

    As I’ve said, I know lots of places but can’t get there due to money and distance constraits so I’m wanting somewhere in the North west and I know there will be places that I don’t know about.

    All ideas are greatly appreciated.

  6. Mauro says:

    Re: Places to visit
    Mermaids Pool is not far from Glossop. It’s a great place if you like hiking (and it’s free) and has an ancient tradition about a water spirit dwelling in it (hence the name). This spirit is supposed to appear around Easter and to either grant you a wish or pull you under the waters.
    Just remember to bring an umbrella and/or good waterproof clothing because the weather can change suddenly and without warning!

  7. kelly10 says:

    Re: Places to visit
    I’ve already walked around that area, as I’ve lived in Glossop all my life, and it really does look the same as every other place for walking/hiking in the area. Personally I don’t think it’s a story I believe in, I think it’s more of a tall tale.

    I’m really wanting a house/hall/church/ruin to visit that has a history and will be interesting for my boyfriend too as he has no interest whatsoever about the paranormal, mysterious happenings or things that go bump in the night!

    As I’ve said I can travel but just not too the places I really want to visit as I was made redundant and have still not been able to find work