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Knocking very sheepishly on the Door

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Ok, this is probably one of the first introductions that is also an apology.  I joined the site over a year ago, posted one quick question about Folklore and disappeared again..... so very rude of me.

I got your newsletter and came back...and so I'm here tapping on the door, saying I'm really sorry and won't be quite so rude and ill mannered again.

The names Sian, I'm 50, but believe that dispite growing old being complusory, growing up is still optional.  I live in the Chertsey area of Surrey, but also do a lot of work at Avebury in Wiltshire. 

I have spent years studying paranormal bits and pieces as a hobby, long before getting involved with the Craft, and find the whole area fascinating. I have an open mind on most matters, but I am very logical and analytical, and I do tend to sit on the fence until something has been proved as happened but unexplainable, or possibly explainable.

Looking forward to chatting with you all...... on a sliglhtly more regular basis than once a year.



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Re: Knocking very sheepishly on the Door

Hi Sian, welcome to the site and thanks for the introduction :).

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Re: Knocking very sheepishly on the Door

Hello Sian, sorry about the late welcome.



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