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Cold Christmas

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cold christmas

i have been to cold christmas 4 times. 3 times at night and once during the day.
During the day it is calm. There are 3 graves together of children. Two are related with having the same surname of Gutteridge.One child died in November 1802 and the other in December 1802.
At night it is a relly weird spooky place and is without a doubt haunted.
We held a seance in there and one of us in our group got scratched on the neck. We have heard wispering and growling noises and also had stones or heavy objects thrown at us.
The last time we visited was on Friday 27th March 2009 and the weirdest thing was that we all smelt a very strong smell of burning. Not sure if ther was ever a fire there but we all smelt it and after that we left quickly.A very scary place.

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Cold Christmas Church

As it happens I was there last night, I went there for the first time and it is spooky. Basically the story goes that one year back in the 18 century or so the village experienced a unusually cold winter and over the Christmas period a load of Children died and they are buried at Cold Chrisrmas Church.

The village was renamed cold Christmas after the events i don't know what it was called before. The church which is only a tower now is nearly 900 years old appraently and was built 12th century. The church is actualy in Thundridge which is next to Cold Christmas village but everyone calls it Cold Christmas church anyway.

A few years back it was a gathering for witches but now it hosts a different type of activity, satainists go there sometimes to worship and on halloween the police have to block it off. The church itself is old and has been vandalised, weird writtings and graffitis are on the walls as you enter the door. The headstones outside the church seem to all have the same name and dates of death on them (the childrens deaths of the cold winter). 
A common report is of a ghostly grumbling growl that echoes out from the tower. Reports of the noise became so frequent that in January 2009 the local East Herts Herald sent a camera crew and journalist to investigate.
Another famous tale dates back to 1978 when a terrified local woman reported an entire ghost army marching out of the church. Reports say the ghost army let out a blood-curdling roar and marched straight through the poor woman.
Other reports speak of a figure in a black robe that is sometimes seen in burial ground.

Go there and see for yourself.

Jack Lawrence

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Ian Topham
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Thanks Jack.  Welcome to

Thanks Jack.  Welcome to the website.  I certainly think I'll have to get to Cold Christmas :).

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Halloween @ Cold Christmas

I thought you might be interested in some info regarding Cold Christmas.
A 17 yr old local lad hung himself in the chapel back in the early nineties.This was documented by the Mercury newspaper I believe.

I personally have experienced two strange things at Cold Christmas in my teens:

The first experience I had was with a local friend who we will call dickie for this case.
I had been friends with him for many years but had only hung out with him for 6 months or so.
I knew he and some of his friends had got into the whole ouijia scene and they had been to the chapel to see who they might speak with.
Anyhoo, we went for a drive in his recently purchased car down to the chapel. The gate was open so we drove right on up the lane.
When we got there there was already a car parked there. This was a dark 4 x 4 with smoked windows.
We assumed the people were out walking somewhere and sat there for a while looking at the graveyard and the chapel and he was telling me about those ouijia sessions. As we sat smoking in the car we heard the jeep start up its engine. They just sat there with the engine running and this made us feel uneasy so we calmly started the car and proceeded to drive back out of the gate. As we did so the jeep backed up and followed us up the lane.
We accelerated down the duel carriageway and they stayed with us for 6 miles before we turned off for home.

The second:
I being a 'lad' in my teens thought it would be a good spooky place to hang out on Halloween with my chums. We all jumped into my mates mini and drove down there.
As we arrived we noticed a mini bus full of very excited people. These turned out to be from Birmingham and had heard of the place and came down to see for themselves.
They told us that they had driven down the lane but had been  driven back by missile weilding locals.
My mates and I thought they must have been on a wind up and decided to go for a look.
We got within 10 ft of the gate leading up to the chapel when we were hit from the trees, fields and road with rockets and bottles, it was pretty terrifying.
As we drove out of the lane at some speed we were greeted by the local law enforcement who warned us not to return.
We told them what had happened to us and interestingly they refused to drive up and take a look. They just barriered off the road and sent us on our way.
It is a very strange place even  by daylight.

Worth checking out :-)  Wilty

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Hi WiltyWelcome to the

Hi Wilty
Welcome to the Forum.
I would have to say as a generalisation that it might be better to avoid this area, while it might be worthy of further investigation it sound like the place has become a focus for large numbers of people visiting in the same way as Pluckley, and perhaps the locals have a right to be annoyed. If the Police are involved I would probably be inclined to take their advice.

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 An interesting point i

 An interesting point i thought of is that Thundridge is on wikipedias list of lost hertfordshire settlements. Villages can be on this list if they have relocated, so i'm guessing that maybe Thundridge was nearer the church, hence it being known as both Thundridge and cold christmas church.

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Ian Topham
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Hi Steelapathy, welcome to

Hi Steelapathy, welcome to the website and forum. 

dale evans
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Cold Christmas

I have been to Cold Christmas twice now and the first time i went was with some friends just going there to have some fun and see if the stories we had heard about Cold Christmas were true. The first time nothing unusual occured but returned again on the 20th of June with my girlfriend. When we arrived at the front of the church we met people who were experienced in paranormal activity. After an hour we walked around the back of the church when teh air became cold and made me feel unwanted. My girlfriend said she felt a brushing across her left knee; on feeling it the one which she thought something had bushed past was freezing cold whereas the otherone was still warm. The two men we had met told her to stand still and they took a picture of her and the background behind her. On looking at the picture an orb was resting just behindher shoulder. Zooming it on the picture it was clear to see that the orb had a face of a yyoung boy in the inner core. This was not apparent in the picture until the camera zoomed closely in towards the orb. It was frightening but now very curious we are returning tonight to see if any other spiritual activity takes place. If anyone wishes to join us they are more than welcome; leave me a message if you are going. Dale

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cold christmas

hi ,we are researching the town of cold christmas and are looking for any paranormal information about this area.hope you can help.

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Re: Cold Christmas

8/11/2011 had been told by a couple of friends about Cold Christmas ,believing that I was quite sensitive they wanted me to visit the place and after dinner that evening myself and my daughter along with three others visited the area. I had never been to the area before ,nor knew nothing of its history.

Indeed on the march to the church yard I was expected to feel warmer as the walk went on (all wrapped up very well) however it got colder as we got nearer and I was able to locate the church yard moments prior to arriving due to an overwelming sense of sadness and cold . Without wanting to turn the evening into high jinx I didnt want to scare anyone but we had  been escorted down the path by a  very concerned sprit ,worried about our intentions as it made me aware that "the resting place for our  innocent had been subjected to many bad things", there was a sense of outrage and anger that the resting place had been neglected and misused as "this was not part of the promise /agreement " ( I dont know what was meant by that)  ,it was to be a "quiet and beautiful place to rest the children" and was now  being visited by people who did nothing but "disturb and frighten". I was also shown an ajoining field and told that there were many more resting there but it no longer appears as part of the graveyard and a sense of being  seriously pissed over this and  the "un Godly things" that have happened  and the reck and ruin of the area ! Two of the people with us had very heavy legs finding it difficult to walk needing a sit down, but both reported they didnt feel fear or under threat .
Perhaps other vistors to the area that have experienced stones being thrown at them need to take that as a warning , they appear to know what your intentions are and do not wish to be disturbed in that manner as it brings anxiety and distress to them calling up other things they didnt ever want there.
After putting a broken tombstone back to its rightful place suddendly felt an surge of outrage again and was being told to either put it all right or just go. The sadness was picked up by all of us and there was  a lot of chatter about how disgusting it was that a resting place could be left like this ....thoughts of others not influenced by me (age gaps and all very different people and Im sure at least one wanting to get a scare). Two went into the tower ,I didnt bother as I felt by this time that what ever was escorting us was almost expecting us to exploit the place again. But without going inside and prior to getting there I shared that the half the place was missing. Once there, All I can discribed is there existed  a terrible sadness and dissapointment that "Our Familes resting place is so disrespected ""Either put it right or just go away".
Im guessing that we dont take into consideration that this place held a lot of significance for many people .
Cold Christmas needs to be restored and spritally cleansed .
I also got that there was some sort of agreement , many being rested out of the parish into a private churchground , money passing hands , fear that whatever these kids died of was infectious needing to be rested out of harms way and the significant amount of Yew tress are a very good indicator that there are many other graves that should have been always been included in the grounds but there is nothing !
I might be picking up on a load of old BS Im not a medium nor do I claim to be special in any way , just that if you listen hard enough you get a chatter going. 
I slept very late , very troubled by what I had picked up , dreamt of the church yard being once beautiful and had a silly thought that a small playground should be errected in or near the site!  



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