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Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)

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Re: Derek Acorah (Psychic or Conman)

Hi, im new to this site and may be replying to some quite old comments but i still see them as relevant.

I watch Most Haunted all the time literallly for its entertainment value!  There is never anything more than bangs or knocks in different rooms, screams (mainly from Yvette which really gets my goat) and absolutely everything is put down to paranormal. How annoying would it be if you were there trying to investigate and all you could hear was Yvette screaming and blocking out any noises that might be there! Then she has the gall to tell other people to shush when they are speaking!!!!  Grrr

I am a great believer in mediums, psychics etc and am beginning my own self development but I am very sceptical about Derek Acorah and this is by his own making.  He tends to 'overact' when he is receiving a message from Sam and is way to animated.  He did himself no favours when he started becoming apparently possessed during every show and it always seemed to be by an angry spirit who wanted to just shout at people!  David is much more plausible. 

I still think (as per one of my previous comments on a different topic) that scientific and psychic investigations should work together, not necessarily at the same time but it would certainly add strength not only to the suggestions that spirits are present but to each other's area of investigation. 



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