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faces and animals around my home HELP

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 Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone could help me?????????????

A while back my daughter sent me a photo with that she believed were people on it. I could see the same images she could. Since then i started seeing faces everywhere around my home especially in the tiles, floors, clear surfaces, shiney surfaces etc. There seemed to be loads of them. The images were so clear i could describe full facial features if i could draw i feel i could have made a correct representation of the people i saw.

Since then this has carried on. However now i see colours and can feel energy build and i can see realt detailed pictures the longer i look. This is during everyday activities at all different times of the day and all over my house, sometimes i see the same image at different locations in my house. this is whislt i am awake with eyes open. it is like someone is painting a picture infront of me as the more i look at it the clearer it becomes i saw a lady with a bonnet on and could see the detail of the flowers around the bonnet and the lines in her face etc.

The people do not talk to me but sometimes i get a sense of sadness or joy or that a person is really nice. 

it is like the area becomes highligted and then its like the scene begins to unfold infront of my eyes. the colours are becomming more vivid. At first they were black and white.

Then recently whilst i was going to sleep it was like the people were in a line coming into the light and then fading away and another person would appear in the same way and leave etc. Like they were all coming to met me.

Are these experiences of claivoyance????? Are the faces etc i am seeing spirit faces???? Are these experiences real?? I have tried to read up about it but it mostly happens to people whith eyes closed etc. I see animals too. I am finding it hard to realise what this is i can get a little frightened. Please help!!!!

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Re: faces and animals around my home HELP


Your story is very much like one I remember reading about when I was younger that happened in Spain.

If you type in google "BĂ©lmez faces" its the first thing to come up. If I remember correctly she found that her house was built on a burial site and that was causing the images to appear.

Sorry I can not give any advice but maybe reading a slightly similar story might give you an idea of what to do?

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Re: faces and animals around my home HELP

Hi,  i find this very interesting for a number of reasons. 

My first incline is to ask questions about the surfaces upon which you see these images etc etc because i always try to rationalise anything before rendering it supernatural/paranormal.  AND along with the fact that the mind is a very powerful thing and in the event of suggestion can indeed develop these images into full pictures of people.  However, what i find interesting are the feelings you are receiving with these images.  Again, the mind is open to suggestion. 

My suggestion to you is to visit a good psychic/clairvoyant and see what they come up with before you ask anything.   I would always visit one that has a good reputation rather than ones you just see randomly in the paper.  I have experienced good and not so good ones.  If you are interested in the whole phenomena then why not visit a reputable spiritualist church in your area which holds pscyhic development workshops (this is what i am starting to do incidentally).  You never know, this may just be your calling. 

Good luck :-)

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Re: faces and animals around my home HELP


Thank you for your response i have booked to see a psychic so we will see what happens

I am starting to see much clearer images in any surface I can see them everywhere. I am also starting to sense colours now especially pink????

I have been learning about scrying as i think this maybe what it is?????

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Re: faces and animals around my home HELP

My aunt can pull images out surfaces and she can usually point them out to you as well.  It is strange but I am always wondering whether it coul dbe a form of pareidolia.



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