faces and animals around my home HELP

faces and animals around my home HELP

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  1. michelleF says:

    Re: faces and animals around my home HELP

    Your story is very much like one I remember reading about when I was younger that happened in Spain.

    If you type in google “BĂ©lmez faces” its the first thing to come up. If I remember correctly she found that her house was built on a burial site and that was causing the images to appear.

    Sorry I can not give any advice but maybe reading a slightly similar story might give you an idea of what to do?

  2. Angel2012 says:

    Re: faces and animals around my home HELP
    Hi,  i find this very interesting for a number of reasons. 

    My first incline is to ask questions about the surfaces upon which you see these images etc etc because i always try to rationalise anything before rendering it supernatural/paranormal.  AND along with the fact that the mind is a very powerful thing and in the event of suggestion can indeed develop these images into full pictures of people.  However, what i find interesting are the feelings you are receiving with these images.  Again, the mind is open to suggestion. 

    My suggestion to you is to visit a good psychic/clairvoyant and see what they come up with before you ask anything.   I would always visit one that has a good reputation rather than ones you just see randomly in the paper.  I have experienced good and not so good ones.  If you are interested in the whole phenomena then why not visit a reputable spiritualist church in your area which holds pscyhic development workshops (this is what i am starting to do incidentally).  You never know, this may just be your calling. 

    Good luck 🙂

  3. spiritawakening says:

    Re: faces and animals around my home HELP

    Thank you for your response i have booked to see a psychic so we will see what happens

    I am starting to see much clearer images in any surface I can see them everywhere. I am also starting to sense colours now especially pink????

    I have been learning about scrying as i think this maybe what it is?????

  4. Turtlethrone says:

    Re: faces and animals around my home HELP
    My aunt can pull images out surfaces and she can usually point them out to you as well.  It is strange but I am always wondering whether it coul dbe a form of pareidolia.