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Spirit Guides

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Re: Spirit Guides

hHi Ian,

I am a very strong believer in the spirit guide and believe that it is not only mediums/psychics etc who have them but everyone!  yet, everyone is not able to connect with them for many reasons, ie they don't believe, they have no interest in this side of our existence or are just to sceptical and not willing to believe with scientific physical data!.  But have you ever gone to travel in a certain direction, path, road, bus, train etc and at the last minute for an unknown reason decided not to only to find out later that something had happened on that path and you have thought thank god i didn't go!  Is this merely coincidence? I don't believe so.   As you may have read in other comments i have made i am in the process of developing my spiritual side and this is because it fits with me or rather i fit with it! It all seems to make sense to me and i feel very comfortable with it.  I am excited by the whole phenomena and believe there is more that we don't know about everything paranormal than what we do.  :-)

Irish Psychic Hecate
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Re: Spirit Guides

the only reason that some supposed mediums say they have spirit guides is to make out that they are in some way holy or higher than those who say they dont.  It's bringing religion into something that doesnt have religion it.

Mediumship is real but its real purpose has been distorted by the fakes and the frauds unfortunately



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