Spirit Guides

Spirit Guides

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  1. Matt.H says:

    Some mediums would claim we
    Some mediums would claim we all have spirit guides and that they’re crucial to connecting "with spirit". I’ve never experienced it myself, so I don’t suppose I can really pass judgement but I’ve never been convinced by it.

    You hear mediums say that you link with a certain spirit guide because they empathise with you or somesuch similar connection. Conversely, could this not be a case of the person creating a spirit guide character because they empathise with that character/era/culture (eg a native American)? Also, why are so many spirit guides native Americans?!

    From another more speculative perspective, perhaps spirit guides don’t exist in the way that’s claimed but they may still provide a critical role in a medium "connecting" to psychic energy etc. By that I mean they help the medium to enter the right state of mind. I suppose there’s links here to the use of gnosis in magic.

  2. newager says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    While we all have some psychic ability not many of us have the gift of being able to communicate directly with our spirit guides

    However, most people with a bit of practise can dowse and therefore you can use a pendulum to communiccate with your spirit guide.

    more details here


    It does what it says in the url!

  3. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    Hi Newager, welcome to the website.  How can they be sure they are contacting an actual spirit guide with the pendulum and not actually deluding themselves?

  4. newager says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    The short answer is you can never be sure what you are contacting or if its your own wishful thinking or denial.

    Delusion is a double edged sword, how many times have you thought of something only to dismiss it and then find it comes true and you were right.

    That is why you should always try and clear your mind before you start and protect yourself from negativity when doing these things.

    Ultimately trust your own intutition but keep an open mind if something comes into your head that seems ok and checks out then perhps that is where it came from

  5. Red Don says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    Welcome to Mysterious Britain Newager.  I have see a spiritualist using  a pendulum to dowse for information but just never figured that there might have been a spirit involved, I thought it was just like normal dowsing.  I think Ian has a good point, as do you of course.  I suppose if anyone can learn to do it, then this could be a good little experiment to try out.

  6. newager says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    Dowsing is one way of connecting to a spirit and much safer than an ouija board as the information goes through you.

    You have to practice and the important point being not to reply upon what the pendulum says but what are you telling yourself with regard to thoughts that come into your head.

    Ignore direct answers to questions, in fact do not ask them, as we have free will you should not get a direct reply. If you do get a direct answer then you are either deluding yourself or have picked up something negative.

    Look for clues and guidance that will give you a deeper understanding of the situation to help you work things out for yourself.

    There are countless charts you could use but simply spin the pendulum and concentrate on the issue, it takes practice to know when you have contacted something negative. Tell tale signs are that the pendulum does not spin, it feels heavy or feels like its on a piece of wire.

    You can use it indirectly for divination with the tarot or rune cards with the tarot chooose 9 cards lay them in a row and dowse for a yes answer as to which ones apply to your situation.

    With runes cards lay them all out and dowse for which ones apply to your situation or dowse to select for a spread. Keep them in the order they were chosen.

    Always do a white light protection ritual, and an affirmation like may this be for my higher benefit before you start.

    If nothing else its good fun experimenting and could open other avenues but its a good way of recognising that sometimes answers are within your self.

  7. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    I must admit I did experiment with pendulums when I was first got involved in the paranormal and before I got pre-occupied with ghosts.  I even tried using a pendulum hanging from a frame on a platform that was sturdy enough not to transfer too many vibrations through (I couldn’t rule out every possible vibration) and then tried questioning it.  I must admit I was not successful in getting a response, but that in itself does not mean does work.

  8. newager says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    The Romans used to use pendulums for placing bets using a tripod to avoid any undue hand shake or manipulation. I have tried this and it does not work unless you actually touch the tripod, while you can rule out any manipulation you can still tell it to give you the answers you want as can anyone or anything else that is present!

    That is why you need to switch off when dowsing and protect your self from negativity both human and paranormal. Never dowse when feeling emotional.

  9. WINDTALKER says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    [quote=Ian Topham]From what I understand Spirit Guides aid the psychic make contact with the spirit realm.
    How do you communicate with your guide?

    Do all mediums do it the same way?

    Do all mediums have a spirit guide?

    How come they can communicate with spirits from ancient times without any apparent language difficulties?[/quote]

    everyone has a spirit guide regardlesss of wether they aremediums or not everyone has the gift becuase we are all spiritual beings , but wether its in your pathway to use that gift is another story.

  10. BaronIveagh says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    Again, I don’t belive in mediumship, but I find the idea of non-corporial beings ‘bonding’ for lack of a better term to a place or person to be not that far fetched.  We, as living humans, have places and people we prefer the company of over others, after all.

    The part that disturbs me is when it gets into things which were probably never human.  Ghosts don’t bother me.  These things did.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

  11. Angel2012 says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    hHi Ian,

    I am a very strong believer in the spirit guide and believe that it is not only mediums/psychics etc who have them but everyone!  yet, everyone is not able to connect with them for many reasons, ie they don’t believe, they have no interest in this side of our existence or are just to sceptical and not willing to believe with scientific physical data!.  But have you ever gone to travel in a certain direction, path, road, bus, train etc and at the last minute for an unknown reason decided not to only to find out later that something had happened on that path and you have thought thank god i didn’t go!  Is this merely coincidence? I don’t believe so.   As you may have read in other comments i have made i am in the process of developing my spiritual side and this is because it fits with me or rather i fit with it! It all seems to make sense to me and i feel very comfortable with it.  I am excited by the whole phenomena and believe there is more that we don’t know about everything paranormal than what we do.  đŸ™‚

  12. Irish Psychic Hecate says:

    Re: Spirit Guides
    the only reason that some supposed mediums say they have spirit guides is to make out that they are in some way holy or higher than those who say they dont.  It’s bringing religion into something that doesnt have religion it.

    Mediumship is real but its real purpose has been distorted by the fakes and the frauds unfortunately