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Ghosts & Lighting Conditions

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Although apparitions have been reported in normal lighting conditions there is a false notion that ghosts can only be seen, or can be seen better in total darkness.  When did this idea first arise?  Was it with Victorian ghost stories, as many of those take place in dark conditions?

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Re: Ghosts & Lighting Conditions

It may have something to do with "things that go bump in the night". Originally, people may have catagorised ghosts with demons and ghouls and various otherworldly creatues, which only come out when the sun goes down..........

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Re: Ghosts & Lighting Conditions

ghosts can be seen day or night it depends on the ghost dont forget these entities were once alive so they may still have solitary dispositions and may use the darkness for cover

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Re: Ghosts & Lighting Conditions

As we don't have a tendency to walk around in the pitch dark, the majority of witness reports of apparitions are therefore not in total darkness.  So turning off the lights when investigating these cases is pointless in my opinion and as you are changing th econditions from those in which the experience took place, it can be argued that they are not actually investigating that experience at all.

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Re: Ghosts & Lighting Conditions

Most likley made up because thats when you cant see well and your brain trys to make sence of any form of light entering your eye. Also not being able to see makes you naturally more scared and warey to danger (natural instinct).So it does add to effect.

You also have a blind spot in your eye that you may or maynot be aware. But your brain clevely fills the space in with whats around it. This could also give the effect of something being there 1 sec then gone the next in darkenss.

Simple and effective tests can be found even on youtube.
Quite a serious factor when trying to belive your own eyes.


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