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Tantallon Castle image

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 I think the clothes are a

 I think the clothes are a bit strange also with the high ruffled collar. Just looks like an oil painting put in the window.

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 Is it me, or are the bars

 Is it me, or are the bars over the face if the figure out of place? The bars/mesh is a grid patter, but if you look at it over the face, they seem out of place. Where you expect to see mesh there is nothing, but where the gap is, there appears to be a bar. 

I'm thinking that the wide shot is genuine, and the close up bit has been altered to emphasise the 'ghost figure' aspect.

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Re: Tantallon Castle image

This does creep me out i have to say. I tend to feel that there is something odd about it. I think i read that there is no access to that part of the building and supposedly no-one was meant to be there at that time. very odd indeed. i am leaning towards the spooky theory for this picture but not totally. it is a great picture though.

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Re: Tantallon Castle image

Looking at this again it reminds me of the Quaker Oats man.

Or possibly that horrible McEwans guy that used to be on those adverts in the 80s that really freaked me out as a young child. Any further word on this one?


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Re: Tantallon Castle image

I have visited Tantallon Castle (Scottish borders area) and the place does have an eerie atmosphere. I can recommend a visit for the scenery too. One side of the castle ruins faces sheer cliffs down to the sea giving spectacular views.

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Re: Tantallon Castle image

I am not surprised the castle has an eerie atmosphere . . .Tantallon Castle was one of the most prominent seats of the Black Douglases (Earls of Douglas), so called because of their bloodthirsty deeds and who were the most powerful Scottish noble family until 1455 when they met their ultimate downfall at the hands of King James II. Like Castle Douglas, the main seat of the family, a lot of sadness, violence and pain would have ocurred there. When an archaeological excavation took place there, more artefacts were discovered than at any of the other castles, including the family china with the 'Bloody Heart' insignia upon it.

I am not entirely convinced that the photo of the person in period costume is genuine but it is certainly freaky and I am sure there MUST have been genuine sightings over the centuries.

Breathtakingly beautiful castle and surroundings and it makes one think: how can something so beautiful be associated with such violence and misery?



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