Tantallon Castle image

Tantallon Castle image

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16 Responses

  1. Mauro says:

    Looks like an ordinary oil
    Looks like an ordinary oil portatrit to me.
    Either they have people moving pieces of furniture around or somebody had fun with his/her computer.

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Looks a bit odd to me, looks
    Looks a bit odd to me, looks like the face overlays the wire barrier and is too bright (the light is wrong) and angular – could be a number of things but wouldn’t want to hazard a guess – especialy without seeing the original.

    One thing struck me – how can the experts tell it has not been changed with photoshop – did they see it while it was still in the camera? even then you could change it and save it in the same place on the camera memory card??

  3. Ian Topham says:

    It just screams fake to me I
    It just screams fake to me I am afraid, and I am not sure why.  One thing that is puzzling me though is why are so many ghost pgotographs differant if they are genuine.  This picture looks solid, colourful and detailed.  Others are smokey, faintly humanoid in shape.  Some are dark human shapes with glowing eyes.  Shouldn’t they all be alike?

  4. BaronIveagh says:

    In defense of experts, it
    In defense of experts, it could have been on 35mm film with negatives.  That said, I too suspect it of being a fake, but was curious as to what pros and cons we could come up with to disprove or defend it.

    Ian: My personal view is that, as there are many forms of apparition, there are many types of photo of apparitions.  Logically, a ghost that looks solidish to the eye would look solidish to the camera, etc.

    Summum Nec Metuam Diem Nec Optima

  5. Columbine says:

     I can kind of see how
     I can kind of see how someone said it could be light reflecting off of the rocks. That would explain the angularity of the face. Also if you look at the whole shape of the thing he’s roughly triangular. If there was a small window/hole with the sun coming through it in the top left hand corner out of sight, that would also explain the shape. Best way to prove it isn’t, i suppose is to have someone have a look at the window at about the same time of day in good weather. 

    Generally unless someone is incredibly good at pixel manips, there’s always tells if something has been altered digitally, so perhaps it wasn’t. It could just be a natural, very good optical illusion that no one’s noticed up till now. 

  6. Mysteryshopper says:

    The photo has been

    The photo has been investigated – see http://www.richardwiseman.com/hauntings2/experiments4

    My best bet, given the small stature of the figure, is that is a kid wearing a mask.

  7. Columbine says:

     Found something else on
     Found something else on this: http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090402/tuk-snap-we-ve-got-a-ghost-photo-too-6323e80.html

    Looks like it was probably just someone on the stairs that the photographer failed to notice. 

  8. Ian Topham says:

    Is this case closed then? 
    Is this case closed then?  Great find Columbine 🙂

  9. Urisk says:

    To me it looks like a Punch
    To me it looks like a Punch and Judy puppet. Don’t know about you guys…

  10. someonestoleshell says:

     I think the clothes are a
     I think the clothes are a bit strange also with the high ruffled collar. Just looks like an oil painting put in the window.

  11. Agricola says:

     Is it me, or are the bars
     Is it me, or are the bars over the face if the figure out of place? The bars/mesh is a grid patter, but if you look at it over the face, they seem out of place. Where you expect to see mesh there is nothing, but where the gap is, there appears to be a bar. 

    I’m thinking that the wide shot is genuine, and the close up bit has been altered to emphasise the ‘ghost figure’ aspect.

  12. Ruis_the_elder says:

    Re: Tantallon Castle image
    This does creep me out i have to say. I tend to feel that there is something odd about it. I think i read that there is no access to that part of the building and supposedly no-one was meant to be there at that time. very odd indeed. i am leaning towards the spooky theory for this picture but not totally. it is a great picture though.

  13. Urisk says:

    Re: Tantallon Castle image
    Looking at this again it reminds me of the Quaker Oats man.

    Or possibly that horrible McEwans guy that used to be on those adverts in the 80s that really freaked me out as a young child. Any further word on this one?

  14. Prusakowski says:

    Re: Tantallon Castle image
    I have visited Tantallon Castle (Scottish borders area) and the place does have an eerie atmosphere. I can recommend a visit for the scenery too. One side of the castle ruins faces sheer cliffs down to the sea giving spectacular views.

  15. CatEvans20 says:

    Re: Tantallon Castle image
    I am not surprised the castle has an eerie atmosphere . . .Tantallon Castle was one of the most prominent seats of the Black Douglases (Earls of Douglas), so called because of their bloodthirsty deeds and who were the most powerful Scottish noble family until 1455 when they met their ultimate downfall at the hands of King James II. Like Castle Douglas, the main seat of the family, a lot of sadness, violence and pain would have ocurred there. When an archaeological excavation took place there, more artefacts were discovered than at any of the other castles, including the family china with the ‘Bloody Heart’ insignia upon it.

    I am not entirely convinced that the photo of the person in period costume is genuine but it is certainly freaky and I am sure there MUST have been genuine sightings over the centuries.

    Breathtakingly beautiful castle and surroundings and it makes one think: how can something so beautiful be associated with such violence and misery?