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Cockenzie Power Station UFO 1979

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We would also like to know if anyone can shed any light on the following case mentioned by one of our readers.


Have just been looking at a ufo web site called There is a report by a person in Tranent East Lothian. He and his girlfriend reported seeing a very large object above Cockenzie Power Station in 1979. Very strange this one. I know Cockenzie Power Station extremely well (I used to work there). He saw a huge circular object stationery above the Power Station in December 1979. at about 8pm. He reckons about 100m in diameter and bright orange. His object had a tail. I have just recently moved from Tranent and had a perfect view of the power station from my house. I would like to trace this person and ask exactly what he saw. Tranent is only a few miles from Longniddry where my brother and I saw our object in the sky circa 1963. There must be a logical explanation for this. It could be that the power station had just had a decompression where it exhausts steam from the safety valves. The weather conditions may have been that the gas (superheated steam) had gathered in a ball and was being lit up by the lights surrounding the power station. I must add that I am only guessing that this could have happened. My own experience was quite different from this and was no where near the power station.

I have just come across another report regarding the Cockenzie Power Station ufo sighting. I have to take back what I said. The guy who saw the ufo has a masters degree in engineering. He and his wife watched the object for about a minute before it accelerated away. What in the world is going on here? See http://
Incidentally, TV/Radio said that they thought it was the planet Jupiter. What nonsense. Tranent is high on a hillside looking north to the Firth of Forth and looks down on Cockenzie Power Station. You are not looking up at the sky but down to the water and across the Firth of Forth. This is quite unreal. 

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Unidentified objects have

Unidentified objects have been reported (and blamed for power failures) on power plants all over the world: the majority of cases come from the US, Brasil and Britain, though there is also an unsubstantiated report about an object, variously described as a UFO or an enormous bird, flying over the Chernobyl power plant a few days before that tragic accident (note: the accident happened because of a series of colossal human errors so it cannot be blamed on the "supernatural" factor).
While the witness is absolutely right in not ruling out a superheated steam release as cause, the phenomenon is well known and steam cannot account for all of them.
This reminds me of a case in Italy in 1973, when a large object was seen floating over the military base of Treviso-Istrana. An helicopter was scrambled and the crew identified the object as a very large inflatable balloon. The pictures they took are sometimes reprinted in dubious publications as "proof". These balloons were commercially available in the '70s, with sizes up to 100ft and were usually shaped like a rugby ball and black colored. They were banned at the end of the '70s because they were deemed an hazard to low flying aircrafts and they played tricks on military radars.


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