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Michael Jackson's Neverland

On 6 July 2009, The Sun reported on a strange image caught on video at Neverland (formerly Sycamore Valley Ranch), the private home of Michael Jackson who died of cardiac arrest on Thursday 25 June 2009, aged 50 years.  The 2676 acre Neverland was bought by Michael Jackson from William Bone in 1988 and became his own private amusement park, named after the island in the children’s fantasy story, Peter Pan.

‘MICHAEL Jackson fans are in a frenzy over a possible sighting of the star's GHOST at Neverland.

An eerie shadow resembling Jacko's figure appeared on a wall in the singer's former home during a live television programme last week - and walked across the corridor. It moved quickly from left to right before disappearing.

The spooky sighting came during CNN's 'Inside Neverland', which featured an interview between interviewer Larry King and Michael's brother Jermaine.

Neither the presenter nor the cameraman noticed the spectre. But after it was posted on YouTube fans picked up the shadow and rumours spread across the internet like wildfire.
During the programme - aired a week after his death - Miko Brando, Marlon's son and a long-term friend of Jackson's, takes a film crew on a tour of Neverland.

At one point their camera is pointed down a long hall-way when the shadowy figure appears at its far end.

Chat forums were flooded with messages from fans last night who insisted the shadow was Michael's ghost.’

Pesonally I would not be shocked to find out some time in the future that this has been faked, though I think we can agree it would be the height of bad taste.

Ian Topham

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CNN have apparently explained

CNN have apparently explained that it was the shadow of one of their camera men walking past the window and casting a shadow on the wall.

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Re: Michael Jackson's Neverland

Lan Topham thats not true how could it have been a shadow
cuz usllally there on the foor on the wall but that was clearly a ghost of mj or some other doosh who died there

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Re: Michael Jackson's Neverland

The film crew admited it was one of their men and apologised publicly for any misconception.



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