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Nordic Pantheon Quick Guide

Aegir - God of the sea, the wind and waves.

Annar -Another name for Odin.

Angrboda -The mother of Fenris the wolf and Hela the goddess of hell.

Audhumla -The mother goddess, she nourished Ymir the primal giant.

Aurgelmir -The primal god.

Balder / Baldur -Solar god who was the son of Odin and Frigg.

Bragi -God of poetry, wit and cunning, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.

Freyja / Freya -The goddess of fertility and creation, she is the leader of the Valkyries.

Freyr -The Lord, a sun god associated with bravery and wealth.

Frigg -Odins wife and consort, the queen of heaven. She is associated with knowledge, cunning, love and magic.

Grim -Another name for Odin.

Gulliveig -Goddess of magic, healing and sorcery.

Heimdall -The watcher god, guardian of the rainbow bridge. He was born of nine waves.

Hela -Goddess of death and the underworld, she appears as a beautiful woman with the lower half of a rotting corpse.

Hermod -The messenger of the gods. He was Odin's son and is associated with bravery and honour.

Hodur / Hothr -The god of winter who became blind, he was the son of Odin and Frigg.

Holda / Holde -The dark goddess of winter and the moon, she also led a wild hunt with 24 hounds.

Hylemoder - Goddess of the Elder tree.

Iduna / Idunn -Goddess of renewal and eternal youth, she was the keeper of the apples of youth.

Loki -The trickster god, he is associated with all things deceitful. His scheming led to the death of Balder, and eventualy to Ragnarock.

Mimir -The guardian of the well of knowledge, associated with lakes and pools.

Mordgud -Goddess who guards the bridge to the underworld.

Nanna -The consort of Balder, she is a goddess of the moon.

Njord -The god of the sea, winds and fire.

Norns -The three fates, the root of the Weird sisters.

Odin -Chief god of the Nordic pantheon, he was pictures bearded with one eye. Two ravens sat on his each shoulder, and he clutched a magic spear. He is associated with magic, knowledge and thought.

Ran -A sea goddess associated with the darker side of the sea.

Sif -Consort of Thor the thunder god, she was an earth goddess associated with the harvest.

Skadi -Goddess of winter.

Skuld -One of the three norns or fates.

Thor -God of lightning and thunder, he is depicted as a bearded barrel chested strong man, with wild red hair. He carries a magic hammer called Mjolnir.

Tyr -God of war and defence, he lost a hand to Fenris the wolf.

Urd -One of the three norns or fates.

Vali -Odins son depicted with a bow and arrow.

Valkyries -The choosers of the slain women, who direct the course of battles.

Vanir - God of fertility and magic.

Verdandi - One of the three norns or fates.

Volund (Weyland/Weland/Wieland) -God of the smiths, shapeshifter, Prince of the fairies, associated with horses, metalworking, healing, magic.

Ygg -The terrible one, another name for Odin.

Ymir -The primal giant from whose slain body the world was created. He was the grandfather of Odin.

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