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  1. PennyTraition says:

    Re: Arianrhod The Change at MABON
    The time is at hand. As the Lady of the full moon leaves CAER ARIANRHOD, Corona Borealis, the Northern Starcrown o’er Aurora Borealis in the Milky Way, to fly down to her fortified Glass Palace at CAER SIDI, y Albion Gogledd to the Turning Tower to move the mighty Silver Wheel Of Time, Lammas becomes Mabon. The change is upon us! |X| Divine Symmetry…
    As I walk down the winding path of the Misty Mountain, past the standing stones atop to the moss-covered nine tree stump semi-circle of olde, I see folk have left seasonal offerings…Luis/Rowan berries, fallen boughs of mighty Nion/Ash and seed key clusters, Duir/Oak acorns and Fearn/Alder cones. I leave some myself with some nuts for the squirrels, crows, magpies and other creatures of the forest, and say silent Praises to The Goddess…
    A Blessed Mabon, everybody at M.B. and I…)O(

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