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A75, Kinmount Straight

Hauntings on the A75 Kinmount Straight in South West Scotland have led to it being called 'the Ghost Road.' Here is a brief list of some of the more famous sightings along this route.

A lorry driver ran into a couple crossing the road arm-in-arm in front of his lorry, but when he stopped the accident victims had vanished: sometime in 1957.

Derek and Norman Ferguson were driving along the A75 near Kinmount, around midnight, when a large hen flew towards their window screen, but vanished on the point of impact. The hen was followed by an old lady who ran towards the car waving her outstretched arms. She was followed by a screaming man with long hair and further animals, including 'great cats, wild dogs, goats, more hens and other fowl, and stranger creatures', who all disappeared. The temperature then dropped, and when the brothers stopped the car, it began to sway violently back and forth. Derek got out of the car and the movement stopped. He climbed back in and then, finally, a vision of a furniture van came towards them before disappearing.

A group of Eastriggs women saw a 'weird' looking phantom or creature' on the Kinmount straight

1995 March
Garson and Monica Miller of Annan were driving east on the Kinmount section of the A75, near Annan, when they saw someone in their path. It was the figure of a middle aged man, wearing a hessian sack folded over his head and his hands were outstretched towards the direction of the car, with what looked like a rag in his hand. Driving at 60mph the couple were convinced they had hit the man, and reversed back to the spot, but the figure had gone. the incident was reported to the police in Annan.

1997 July
Donna Maxwell, 27, was convinced she had hit a man in the road whilst driving along the A75 near Swordwellrig with her two children. Travelling at 50 mph she saw the man jump out in front of her, about two feet in front of her car. He was in his 30's, with short hair, wearing a red top and dark trousers. She braked hard, involuntarily closing her eyes and bracing for impact. When she opened her eyes, the car had stopped but there was no sign of the man. She contacted the police and the area was searched but there was no evidence of an accident. A description of the accident issued to the media a week later failed to provide any further explanation of the accident.

Sources: Dumfries Courier 7th April 1995, Annandale Observer 1st August 1997


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