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Comlongon Castle

Many strange things are alleged to have happened here in modern times, with doors opening and closing, floorboards creaking and lights going on and off in empty rooms.

An American couple staying at the castle opened their room to find a young girl sitting on the bed. At first they had left thinking that they had the wrong, but returned a short while later to find that the girl had vanished.

The castle is associated with a tragic love story: that of Marion Curruthers, who was forced into marriage with James Douglas of Drumlanrig (or in other versions the Duke of Buccleuch's nephew John McMath), a man that she did not love. She was given refuge at Comlongon castle after escaping from that bastion of gloom Hermitage Castle, but jumped from the castle walls in despair. In other stories she is murdered by the Douglas family for refusing the marriage. She now haunts the castle as a Green Lady.

The castle dates from the 15th century when it was constructed by the Murrays of Cockpool, who became the earls of Annandale. All that remains of the original castle is a huge tower house attached to a later mansion, which is now a hotel.

Of other macabre interest: 3 mummified cats have been found within the walls of the castle, which are over 4 metres thick in some places. They were most likely placed there as some form of good-luck sacrifice.

Directions: Off B724

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