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The Treasure of Largo Law

The area around Largo Law is associated with many legends. The actual hill of Largo Law is volcanic in origin, and was said to have been created when the Devil dropped a huge boulder. Part of the outcrop on the top of Largo Law is known as the Devil's chair, and has seven steps leading up to it.

There has always been talk of a gold mine or hidden treasure which lies under the hill. It is said that sheep who grazed the area were often found with yellow tinged coats, a result of feeding near the site of the goldmine.

One story about the hidden treasure contains many folklore motifs, and incorporates a spectral guardian who needs to be approached to reveal the treasure:

There was a shepherd from Balmain, which is on the Northwest slope of Largo Law. He was noted for his bravery by his companions. A Ghost was said to haunt the vicinity, and to have in his possession a great secret to impart by anyone bold enough to approach him.

One night the shepherd took courage and approached the dark shade, asking what kept him from his rest. The phantom said that if he came to a part of the hill at eight o' clock he would learn where treasure was concealed. However there were two conditions which needed to be fulfilled.

"If Auchendowie cock doesn't crow, and the herd of Belmain his horn doesn't blow, I'll tell where the gold is in Largo Law".

The shepherd, being a thorough man if nothing else promptly went a killed all the cocks within hearing distance of the place. He also approached the local herder, a young man called Tommie Norrie. He told him not to blow his horn at the appointed time for any reason on pain of death.

The time of the meeting drew near, and the Shepherd went on to the slopes of Largo Law and approached the phantom, as the local churches rang eight, the phantom turned to the shepherd to impart his secrets. Just at that very moment a horn blast travelled down off the hills, Tommie Norrie had either forgotten the bargain or did not care to keep it. The phantom was silent for a moment then cried in drawn out tones:

'Woe to the man that blew that horn, For out of that spot he shall never be borne.'

At these words Tommie Norrie dropped dead on the spot as if struck by some unseen force. His body could not be moved from where he fell no matter how hard people tried, and so eventually a stone cairn was piled about his body.

Directions: Off the A915.

Daniel Parkinson

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