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The Cait Sith & The Cu Sith

Cait Sith - Literally translates to fairy cat, the creature was said to haunt the Highland region. The cat was said to be as big as a dog and completely black, apart from one white spot on its breast. Like a real cat it could be ferocious if stumbled upon.

It is possible the belief is related to some of the mystery black cats that have been caught in the region. The Highlands are also still populated with the wild cat in some places, they are extremely aggressive if cornered.

Cu Sith - Literally translates to fairy dog, this is the Highland equivalent.  In appearance the dog was green with long shaggy fur, it was roughly the size of large calf and not unusually it was considered dangerous to meet.

The creature was capable of hunting in silence, and would let out three barks, which could be heard from miles around.

Supernatural dogs are usually completely black or white with red ears, this is the only example of a green dog although green is the colour of the fairies.



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