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Bell’s Wynd

According to tradition, a house on Bell’s Wynd had supposedly stood empty for twenty one years and no-one was aware that the body of Mrs Guthrie, who had died two decades earlier, was still inside. A locksmith who lived either close by or immediately above the Mrs Guthrie’s decided to break in and see why it was empty. Inside he found that that house was still furnished and the table set for dinner.

When he entered the bedroom he saw an apparition. A white figure glided toward him from the bed and out through the doorway in which he stood. Though very frightened he approached the bed and discovered the remains of Mrs Guthie, now little more than a skeleton.

The story continues according to some accounts that Mr Guthrie makes an appearance and it is discovered that he had killed his wife many years ago as she was having an affair. Once the body was buried her ghost was never seen again.

Note: This is one of the famous ghost stories of Edinburgh, but I don’t know if there is any actual evidence supporting the murder, the house being empty or the existence of the body of Mrs Guthrie.

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Re: Bell’s Wynd

Now, this is scary stuff.  I like mysterious stories and events, it gives me goosebumps as I read and end it.



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