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  1. Turtlethrone says:

    The Seance
    In his recommended book "Ghost Sightings", Brian Innes mentions the seance done by Holzer and Meyers, along with a brief transcript of what was said:

    Quote: As Mrs. Meyers went into a trance, she described a woman, "Betty" who walked slowly, being paralyzed on one side, and who had a heart condition. Speaking with an Irish-accented voice of "Betty", Mrs. Meyers said she and her brother Eddie, who now lived in California, came from Pleasantville, New York state, and that their mother’s maiden name had been Elizabeth McCuller. "He didn’t want me in the family plot -my brother- I wasn’t even married in their eyes… but I was married before God… my husband went with Eddie… steal the ashes… pay for no burial… he came back and took them from Eddie…hide the ashes…Charles knew it…. Made a roof over the house… ashes came through the roof… so Eddie can’t find them… and I like being with you!", nodding toward Mrs. Slatin. Who arranged the cremation? "It was Charles’s wish, and it wasn’t Eddie’s and therefore they quarreled. Charlie was a Presbyterian… and he would have put me in hi church, but I could not offend them all. They put it beyond my reach through the roof; still hot… they stole it from the crematory". Then Mrs. Meyers relaxed, an emerged from her trance. Holzer suggested to Mrs. Slatin that the can should be buried in the garden at the back of the house, but she felt that it should be put on the family’s piano in the living room – and there is remained.