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Trotternish, Isle of Skye

The Trotternish area of Skye was once the haunt of Colann gun Chean (The headless body) who would kill those unfortunate enough to cross his path by flinging his head at them. The ghoul was banished to Arisaig where he caused mayhem until a young man managed to capture the ghosts head – only promising to return it if he returned to Skye.

Also at Cuidrach the Loch of Heads is said to have gained its name after a battle between the Macleods and the MacDonalds. The MacDonald were victorious and had all the bodies of the MacLeods decapitated. Collecting the heads together they rolled them down the hill towards the Loch whereupon they were heard to cry “Almost, Almost, we almost won the day” The hill is reputed to still be called almost hill because of this. These stories bring to mind the Well of Heads on Loch Oich, and may be related to the Celtic reverence for the head.

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