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Bonnybridge UFOs

1989 Bonnybridge, near Shieldhill, Scotland: In a well-witnessed UFO sighting, a fire crew were attending a blaze at Gradrum Moss, when a red object appeared to be hovering in the distance. This came towards the fire engine and then flew off towards the West. A second object then appeared, it was white and hovered above Loch Ellrig at about twenty feet from the witnesses. This then rushed towards them before veering away at the last moment. A third object was also seen passing overhead. The case was investigated by Malcolm Robinson. The press were soon to dub Bonnybridge 'The UFO Capital of Scotland' after a spate of sightings.

19th January 1994 around 7.00pm Larbert, Bonnybridge:
An 18 second film was taken of a white light that had earlier been seen to keep pace with a car. There were six witnesses to the encounter, and the film showed a white light that seemed to emit a smaller white light from it.

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