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Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Robin Hoods Grave --a modern mystery!  Even more terrifying than the Blair Witch Project and a thousand times more intriguing than any Brother Caedfel mystery, SECRETS OF THE GRAVE and it's sequel SPIRIT OF THE GREENWOOD reveal, for the first time, the true story of the life and death of Robin Hood. Enter the dark, mysterious woods of Kirklees in West Yorkshire, and visit, with writer historian Barbara Green, the forest of Barnsdale where Robin roamed and the ruined priory gatehouse of Kirklees Nunnery where he was treacherously slain by the hand of an evil nun. Written testimonies from those who have experienced the ghostly presence of Robin and his comrades, whose spirits haunt this ancient forest, form the basis of both books, while the life of Robin, as told in SPIRIT OF THE GREENWOOD, accords fully with the Lytell Geste,(Robin's first biography) printed in the fifteenth century. This, one might think, could be the basis for a best selling book, but such seems to not to be the case, for ,according to the "experts" the public do not want to knw the truth and prefer to be fed the myth of Sherwood Forest and the dastardy deeds of the Sheriff of Nottingham, not to mention Richard the Lionheart, who does not even belong in the story at all!

The mystery of Robin's gruesome death at Kirklees, it would seem, is not the only inexplicable phenomenon surrounding the legend ! Why ARE people prevented from learning the true facts about the oulaw's life, due to the propogation of a fantasy by the media, and why is his famous grave at Kirklees, kept in a state of secrecy and neglect - and who is responsible for this bizarre situation? Dare you ask ? Dare you investigate and............. dare YOU print the truth ? Or is Robin Hood's legend to remain distorted out of all recognition, and the real man lost to future generations forever ?

"No one could see anything in the dense, suffocating blackness, but following Mark's directions we stumbled on forward through the barrier of writhing, intertwining bushes and trees; then suddenly, we found ourselves in a clearing, where, looming out of the gloom, rearing up before us in the light of our flickering torches, a massive,broken edifice was revealed . A huge ship of stone, wrecked in the everglades of Kirklees, listing crazily into the leaping shadows. We stood transfixed with fear and awe as we gazed upon the fallen pillars and twisted railings which were all that remained of Yorkshire's buried treasure -Robin Hood's Grave."

"My name is Ozymandias,king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty and despair!"
Nothing beside remains. Round the decay
Of that colossal wreck,boundless and bare
The lone and level sands stretch far away."

Robin Hood's death is recorded in the ballad ROBIN HOOD, HIS DEATH AND BURIAL and briefly in the GESTE. According to the literature Robin is taken ill and decides to go to Kirklees Priory to be nursed by the prioress, who was "nye of his kin" and reputedly skilled in healing. On the way to the nunnery Robin is cursed by a witch - for reasons unknown, as the ballad is unfortunately incomplete. When Robin arrives at the nunnery, Little John, who has accompanied him, is sent away and the prioress proceeds to bleed Robin by opening a vein in his arm - standard medieval medicine, though unlikely to do anyone much good !

"Shee laid the blood irons to Robin Hood's vaine
Alacke the more pitye!
And perct the vaine, and let out the bloode,
That full red was to see. At first it bled,the thicke,thicke blood,
And afterwards the thinne,
And well then wist good Robin Hoode,
Treason there was within."
DEATH, V 16-17

2) According to the legend, Robin summons Little John with three blasts of his trusty hunting horn and the giant rushes to his comrade' s assistance, but alas,he is too late and Robin is already dying. With his last ounce of strength Robin fires his last arrow from the priory gatehouse window, requesting that where it falls he should be buried. Little John is beside himself with rage and grief and threatens to raze the nunnery and all its inhabitants to the ground.

"A boon,a boon," cried Little John,
"Master ,I beg of thee."
"What is that boon,"quoth Robin ,
"Little John,thou begs of me?"
"It is to burn fair Kirkley Hall,
"And all their nunnery."
"I ne'er hurt fair maid in all my life
"Nor at my end shall it be;
"But give me my bent bow in my hand,
"And my broad arrows I'll let flee.
"And where this arrow is taken up,
"There shall my grave digged be,
"Lay me a green sod under my head,
"And another at my feet.
"And lay my bent bow by my side
"Which was my music sweet,
"And make my grave of gravel and green,
"Which is most right and meet.
"Let me have length and breadth enough
"With a green sod under my head:
"That they may say when I am dead

The grave, six hundred yards from the gatehouse, was enclosed in iron railings in the nineteenth century. Today it is neglected and overgrown and little known to the general public. It bears the inscription:

Here underneath dis laitl stean
Laz robert earl of Huntintun
Ne'er arcir ver as hie sa geud
An pipl kauld im robin heud
Sick utlawz as his as iz men
Vil england nivr si agen
At first it bled the thicke thicke blood
And afterwards the thinne
And well then wist good Robin Hood
Treason there was within

3) The death of Robin Hood is a well known legend. He was treacherously bled to death by the wicked prioress of Kirklees nunnery, a small Cistercian house near Brighouse, West Yorkshire. The outlaw's gory and unheroic end is shrouded in mystery. Who was the evil nun and why did she commit so foul a murder? What was the role of Red Roger of Doncaster, who was present at the scene of crime? Was he a priest and also the prioress's lover? Who WAS the prioress? Was she Dame Elizabeth de Stainton, whose grave can still be seen at Kirklees, or was it Sister Mary Startin, who died of the Black Death in 1350?

All that is left of this medieval whodunit is a ruined grave, hidden in deep woodland, and the derelict priory gatehouse of Kirklees where Robin was so gruesomely done to death. Was the famous outlaw a vitim of thwarted passion,pagan sacrifice, bad nursing, accident, natural causes or - vampirism ? The entire area where this horrific drama took place is shrouded in ,according to one old book, " .....a mystery which local people only reluctantly tried to penetrate.The mystery was helped physically by the thick shroud of trees that surrounded the place and was sustained by local tales of prioresses and nuns and of the death of Robin Hood......."

"Terribilis Est Locus Iste" Dreadful is this place - Abbe Berenger Sauniere, Renne-le-Chateau.

"The Armytage family lived over the brow of the hill on a splendid site once occupied by Cistercian nuns. It was called Kirklees. There was more than an insularity which set the mansion apart. There was a mystery about it which local people only reluctantly tried to penetrate. The mystery was helped physically by the thick shroud of trees that surrounded the place and was sustained by local tales of ghosts of prioresses and nuns and or the death of Robin Hood whose grave is so imperturbably marked as lying within Kirklees grounds in spite of any facts which might suggest to the contrary. " THE LAND OF LOST CONTENT.

This would appear to be the first reported mention of ghostly activity around Robin Hood's Grave, but considering the history of Robin's death - cursed by a witch on his way to the nunnery, murdered by an apostate nun and cast into an unhallowed grave - it is hardly surprising that the site is reputed to have unquiet spirits hovering around. An elderly lady, Mrs Edith Ellis, witnessed silver arrows in the sky above Kirklees when visiting her old aunt at Hartshead in the early years of the last century. She also reports hearing Robin calling for Marian.

Another sighting was made by a tenant farmer of Kirklees in 1926. "One day," he recalls, " I was sitting on the grave shooting rabbits. As I was about to shoot I felt a tap on my shoulder, and my shotgun went off accidentally, removing two of my front teeth on its recoil. There was nobody to be seen at the time. On another occasion I was on my way home from the Three Nuns. As I was walking through the woods something fell out of a tree and knocked me to the ground. When I got up I could see the old gatehouse. In the window I could clearly see a man with a bow. My family always said it was the drink, but it was Robin Hood's ghost."

In 1963 guitarist Roger Williams took an unofficial stroll up to Robin's grave with a friend. About twenty yards from the grave he saw a white robed woman who suddenly seemed to glide towards the two men. What made Roger's hair stand on end was how silently she moved over the twigs and bracken. At about five yards from Roger the woman stopped and stared at him with "dark,mad eyes." Then she moved away and vanished. It was 2.30 p.m. on a bright,sunny day. Roger Williams saw the same apparition again in 1972, in full daylight, and again she stopped a few yards from him and his companion. This time Roger remembered a few more details. The woman was wearing a long white dress with a square neck and long sleeves which accords with the habit of a Cistercian nun. Again she looked at him angrily before moving off, but the eerie sequel to this experience was that Roger's house then experienced a series of strange noises and bangings. After this, Roger swore that "wild horses would not drag me up there again."

Mark Gibbons, one of the founder members of Gravewatch, had a similar experience
in 1998. With other members of the group he had gone up to try and find Robin's grave one moonlit night, but they had got lost. Suddenly Mark saw a white figure pointing in a certain direction - which turned out to be where the grave was situated. Mark also experienced a sensation of great evil and hatred.

Shortly after this a reporter Judith Broadbent, from the Dewsbury Reporter, and a photographer colleague, Sue Ellis were allowed to visit the gravesite by the owner. While wandering around she heard heavy footsteps behind her and she was pulled to the ground by invisible forces. She shouted "get away" and her friend came rushing to help her. Her camera had jammed while trying to photograph the grave. A week later Sue was taken seriously ill and was paralysed f from the neck downwards for two weeks. The two reporters later wrote this article up for Yorkshire Life magazine, much of its content being taken from Yorkshire Robin Hood Society literature, including the next sighting, which appeared in THE UNEXPLAINED magazine in 1992, prior to the publication of their article.

This was when vampires entered the arena, introduced to the increasing enigmatic situation by a Bishop of the Holy Grail Church and patron of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society. In 1992 the Bishop and two colleagues, attempted an exorcism at Kirklees. This had come about as a result of the Yorkshire Robin Hood Society asking for the site to be blessed by the local vicar. Unfortunately permission to perform such a ceremony had been unequivocally refused to both clergymen. The Bishop, however, was made of sterner stuff than the local pastor ! He was renowned for his involvement in the notorious Highgate Vampire affair in the nineteen seventies and it occurred to him that vampires might be behind the legend of Robin being bled to death and this needed urgent spiritual intervention - and he was the man for the job, with or without official sanction ! Suffice to say that on his clandestine visit to the grave the bishop came across the body of a blood drained goat, diabolical rune signs of the priory gatehouse, fingr width holes in the ground round the grave - suggesting vampiric activity - and was confronted by a darkly clad woman who turned into a hag with red staring eyes.

A further sighting by another nocturnal visitor proved a terrifying experience when she saw two figures hovering in the trees surrounding the grave, who she took to be the evil prioress and her paramour Red Roger of Doncaster. " I felt, and saw, what I can only describe streams of evil pouring out of the trees towards me" the witness stated. A lady from Nottingham, who visited the grave in the summer of 2000, experienced a psychic communication with Robin at the graveside, as did Robin Hood expert John de Locksley of the London Robin Hood Club, who also boldly battled through the giant ferns, murderous brambles and other lethal obstacles of the Kirklees rain forest to stand by his hero's grave one wild,wet October night the same year !

It is true that Robin's grave was excavated in an amateurish way by a Victorian Armytage (who was reputed to be in his cups at the time) and the ground beneath found to be undisturbed, but the many historical documents naming Kirklees as Robin's final resting place cannot be ignored. The fact is, his bones could lie anywhere on that hillside, while a gravestone resembling the original one drawn by Dr Johnstone, is to be found in nearby Hartshead churchyard - to where it may have been moved during the Civil War.

5) Many visitors to the grave have recorded their experiences for posterity, including the following quote from a Victorian tourist :
"I had the strangest emotions when I first stood over the grave of this old forest hero. I stood there and had no words, nor can I find any now to tell what my feelings were. Bravehearted Robin ! Thou hast found a fit resting place in this glorious park, among these solemn yews and silent trees ."A hundred years later it is a different story:
"There it was, looming out of the dark, a massive, broken edifice, a huge ship of stone, wrecked in the everglades of Kirklees. Fallen pillars and twisted railings were were all that remained on Yorkshire's buried treasure. We had found Robin Hood's Grave."

Maybe the last word should be with Victorian poet, George Searle Phillips, a friend of the Brontes, who visited the grave in 1848, and wrote an epic poem, a small section of which is printed below :

Tread lightly o'er the earth and speak no word
Till the Great Spirit doth unloose your tongues
For where those yew trees nod their funereal plumes
Upon the highest platform of the hill,
Lies gentle Robin Hood, his mighty heart
All muffled up in dust and his bright eyes
Quenched in eternal darkness. Never more
Shall the woods echo to his bugle horn,
Or his unerring arrow strike the deer
Swift flying, till it hits the bloody grass

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Hi could you start again with your accusations as something seems to have gone dickipoggy



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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Thirteen or so years ago you became an associate and supporter of Farrant,


a man imprisoned in the 1970s for desecration and vandalism at Highgate Cemetery, and this was the reason why Bishop Seán Manchester would have nothing more to do with you. The situation was compounded by production of your self-published Secrets of the Grave booklet where abusive material about the bishop appears. You published grotesque cartoons of Bishop Seán Manchester which you commissioned from Christine Demant.


A privately taken photograph of Bishop Manchester in Highgate Cemetery was supplied by Robert Brautigam who, due to his Crowleyite leanings, was now colluding with Farrant. The caption beneath this picture was intended to give offence to the bishop.


Why would you include in your booklet a picture of Bishop Seán Manchester when you did not include pictures of people you considered far more important at that time?


No pictures of John Pope de Locksley or Robert Brautigam are in evidence; nor their mutual friend Farrant who became the "patron" of your Yorkshire-based Robin Hood Society in February 2004. So why was Bishop Seán Manchester singled out as being more deserving of illustrative material?


You have met Bishop Seán Manchester only twice. These accidental meetings took place at the same charity venue in South Hertfordshire on each occasion where Bishop Manchester and his wife were invited guests. The first time you met the couple was in May 1987 and second and last time was in May 1988. Bishop Seán Manchester agreed OFFERED!!!!!!!!! to lend his name to charity raising ideas you put forward in connection with your Yorkshire Robin Hood Society. You used his name on your letter-headed notepaper to this end, but when it became apparent that no funds raised by you were being donated to any charitable institution,


he started to distance himself from your "history society" whose membership dwindled and disappeared during the same period. None of your original members (who had all left by the time you had become a Quisling) ever returned.


The draft of your booklet Secrets of the Grave was produced in 1998, a copy of which you forwarded to Bishop Manchester in May of that year. Bishop Seán Manchester found himself ridiculed, misrepresented and parodied within its pages.


Not surprisingly, he made his displeasure known to you. He also noticed that you included Farrant's name in the "acknowledgements" even though Farrant had contributed nothing to your booklet


and was not even vaguely interested in YRHS activities beyond the fact that his archnemesis was somehow involved.

From that point Bishop Seán Manchester dissociated himself entirely from you and your activities. Your booklet, when it was finally printed, contained grotesque cartoons intended to give offence to the bishop, plus sarcastic remarks aimed at ridiculing him. This is how you rewarded someone whose only mistake was to try and lend help to a cause by allowing the use of his name.




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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green


As you say youa re not the bishop himself and only an outside wellwisher and supporter, therefore can know nothing of the matter, or what correspondnace passed between the bishop and myself over the years---if you knew about it then you would soon find out that you are talking rot. But you said he knows nothing about your posts anyway so cant correct you.

For example I never commissioned Chrissie Deamnt for anything, I asked her if she woudl like to illustrate Secrets of the Grave and to be honest expected a more variety of subjects. It was nevr a COMMISSION. If you have a problem with what she illustrated then dont blame me, I did not ask her to do funnied of the bishop, that was her deceision though you might well wonder why she felt inspired the draw what she did!!! Perhaps the bishop had upset her also with his wild


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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

For the record, I am not an "outsider" etc. I am an executive member of the Vampire Research Society whose founding president is Bishop Seán Manchester.

How do I know that Farrant is "acknowledged" in your booklet Secrets of the Grave? Because I've seen a copy!

Christine Demant might have created and supplied grotesque cartoons of Bishop Manchester, but it was YOUR decision to publish and distribute them. Nobody forced you to do so. It obviously fitted in with the direction you had taken after making contact with Farrant and becoming contaminated by his hate campaign against the bishop. Anyone can privately draw cartoons of a hurtful and blasphemous nature. The problem arises when someone publishes and circulates them. Since you and you alone self-published Secrets of the Grave that person is you.

Why can't you just accept that you and Bishop Manchester cannot see eye to eye due to the Farrant issue and agree to disagree? Why do you feel compelled to abuse him on a regular basis on forums wherever the opportunity arises?

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

So what--why can't I acknowledge people without Manchester's royal permission? Also your definition of abuse is anyone who happens to disagree or question Bishop Manchester's version of events. We are supposed to have free speech in this country, we are not in a dictatorship, let me remind you.Why do you try to brainwash people to one point of view only? Bishop Manchester has been unpardonably rude to me for many years now, for no reason at all, other than not agreeing with him ,yet he takes no personal responsibility for all the hurtful and untrue things he has said about me and others. Then he gets you guys to fight he battles, or hides behind silly names. He seems to think he can say whatever nastiness and accuse people of all manner of nonsence without the person involved making any response other than to agree with him!!!,--some bishop!--- and yet doesnt like it when people do not automatically agree with his booming pronouncements or seek to correct his biased , egotistic ideas and and comminations.

The "Farrant" issue distorts any rational thoughts of the Bishops, he cannot think straight for seeing everything through the focus of David, it blinds him to rational thought and he just lashes out. Anyhow why am I wasting my time trying to reason with you guys, you are prejudiced, narrow minded and--if you exist at all--in some kind of bemused thrall to Manchester, goodness me!

I am not and never have been controlled or influenced by David--and he has never attempted to influence me---I don't need anyone to dictate my mind thank you--I make my own decisions after doing my research--RESEARCH--that means looking at situations from all angles, not from one entrenched point of view! To abuse people who seek to find out more as you do, instead of believing every word that comes from Manchesters lips, is not a crime and does not make someone to be automatically running a "hate campaign"--how silly--more a "truth" campaign. Whats he afraid of I wonder! His massive overreaction to any form of questioning or, perish the thought, critisism, of his word makes his version of events even more suspicious and open to question,



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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

.Barbara,tried to find you on facebook.Wasnt very successfull Dont know what im doing wrong.There were a lot of barbara Greens.need a bit of help.Iam interested about all that Robin Hood stuff,not least,all the carryings on with the Kirklees thing.Isee that you have got Tea Cosy on your back too?Does this person get everywhere?Cant imagine why he doesnt justgo?

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Hi Luci--indeed I have got tea cosy on my case( and am sorry if you have also, or is that claremond?) and have for many years ever since I mentioned David in my book Secrets of the Grave which seemed to unhinge him completely. Also beause I wrote what Manchester and his wife said about himself based on two articles--Our Patron Lord Manchester and the Kirklees Vampire--I am accused of "defaming him"--well he must have defamed himself if that is the case! As for the pictures, after his abominable rudeness and derangaed reaction over David's name, I saw no reason not to use Chrissie's drawings, otherwise I would have been in an awkward position--Chrissie would have been very annoyed with me after she had spent such a lot of tiem doing the illustrations for me to say I couldnt use them--they were brilliant also, but I do repeat I never asked or expected her to draw the bishop--I think there were 3, I could of expected one and not cartooning him--which she did, but he must have annoyed her big time also for her to do him like that anyway--why doesnt he ask himself that?People don't do these things for no reason--I seem to remember him haveing a go at Chrissie and her hubby also some years ago, they got off the scene shortly afterwards--very wise!
Since then He has accused me of just about every crime in his book , but to mention David is anathema--I have been called "disloyal", and a Satanic worshipper, and a mindless ninny with no mind of my own except to do David's bidding, etc etc etc---all because I mentioned David without saying something nasty about him--why should I--all the nastiness I KNEW came from Manchesters carpet bombing campaign of leaflets about David sent to to me by MM , and I suppose I was expected to join in his anti-David campaign purely on M'S word when I knew nothing about David at all, and even now , apart from the attacks, I am not really in his "gang" . But I am not going to be told who I can or can not write or speak to by some fella, just cos he quarreled with that person in the year dot. Anyhow-----when Nexttime I come back on here I will put you a link to my facebook, though its a bit of a muddle, full of my grandaughters farm animals and whatnot!

tata greenwych

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

You are free to make whatever choices you like, Barbara Green. The issue is one of "loyalty." Not choice. Also, your booklet, which is in the VRS archive, is intended to give offence. Disloyal and offensive. And now you call holding an opinion different to your own as attempting to "brainwash" you? Do you know how absurd that sounds?

Once you had changed direction you should at least have had the courtesy not to mention Bishop Manchester any further in your self-published material and on the internet. By all means mention Farrant to your heart's content. But why the bishop? He had only given you help when you tried to raise money for charities at various events. (I did not say YOU were a charity, or that the YRHS is a charity. And the MMF leaflet resurrected by you on this thread is a forgery, as you well know).

The evidence of you being influenced by Farrant is present in almost everything you post on the internet. You have totally adopted his jaundiced and distorted propaganda against the bishop. You make the same accusations. You employ the same language. You adopt the same unsubstatiated allegation technique. You have made quite a number of accusations in your last post, but always without any evidence to support it. This renders your case valueless. Farrant does exactly the same thing!

You are now arguing that because you feared the artist (Christine Demant) would be "very annoyed" with you if you didn't publish and distribute grotesque cartoons of Bishop Manchester this made you feel obliged to invest in their reproduction. Never mind they were vile parodies of Bishop Manchester that were intended to ridicule him and cause him offence. Your logic is crazy. That's like me saying that if someone sends me a lot of libellous material about you, having gone to the trouble of typing it out, I should publish it because they would be annoyed if I didn't; which, of course, is totally illogical.

Bishop Manchester has done nothing to annoy Christine Demant and I invite you to ask her whether he has or not. She and her husband, like you, decided to change direction. They are political anarchists and found the bishop's old-fashioned ways and religious traditionalism at odds with their thinking. They thought they had found in Farrant an anti-establishment figure because of his criminal record and outrageous claims, but quickly went off him after a while and nowadays want nothing to do with him. They are probably satisfied he is a complete fraud.

In your previous post you claim: "Since then He has accused me of just about every crime in his book." He has questioned your loyalty and ceased to allow himself be associated with you for that reason. Where is the crime in that? Where are the accusations he has made against you? Can't you see you are playing Farrant's game and reacting exactly as Farrant reacts? Once again, you offer absolutely NO evidence to support this preposterous claim.

You cannot accuse the bishop of "introducing" you to Farrant any more than someone who has written a book which mentions Ian Brady in it is responsible for introducing you to Ian Brady. You were already acquainted with Farrant's lieutenant John Pope de Locksley BEFORE you ever met Bishop Manchester and his wife. When you learned more about that situation in a book you probably asked for more information.

The fact is that certain individuals are intrinsically evil and a great number of people count Farrant among that number. You are obviously free to befriend and support him as much as you like, but when you join him in his vendetta against Bishop Manchester you enter unacceptable territory and must bear the consequences of your actions. All you ever needed to do was forget about the bishop and not mention him in your compulsive torrents which repeat the same libellous tirades from one year to the next, over and over again. If you want to avoid repurcussions from those who are sympathetic to the bishop the best way to do that is stop your constant personal attacks against him.

You have thirteen friends on Facebook, Farrant being the thirteenth person to be invited as a friend by you. Bishop Manchester has almost four thousand friends on Facebook. Some will obviously take unkindly to your endless rants against the bishop on the internet. Or does your friendship and support for Farrant automatically oblige you to constantly attack Bishop Manchester every day of the week?

Farrant posted the following to you on his own Facebook wall a week ago:

"Well, there are just some human beings its not possible to forgive, Barbara. You can't really forgive evil, only pray for it - if your're a Christian of course. But even the Devil incarnate can not escape the Final Judgement. So do not worry in the 'long-term'!" - David Farrant (June 29 at 9:01pm)

As any psychologist familiar with the saga will instantly recognise, Farrant, whether he realises it or not, is talking about himself. He might not be the Devil incarnate, despite what many people say to the contrary, but he is most definitely the Devil's fool and, like the rest of us, cannot escape the Final Judgement, which I suspect will send him in a direction pointing downwards; lest, of course, he begs forgiveness from all his many victims and shows genuine remorse for the remainder of his days.

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

For BARBARA.Well,after that telling off,i see exactly what you mean.The man they call Tea Cosy seems a complete nutcase.I am not going to comment on my identity,suffice to say that i think Clarmonde was treated very unfairly.She did not deserve to be kicked off Arcadia,when so many other people say much worse.But she hit a nerve,obviuosly.Its quite obvious from what he says,that hes an idiot.What concerns me is that he seems to have this obvious ability to sway other people.?The country seems full of these idiots.People likeDavid seem in the minority.How i hate all these bloody idiots like Tea Cosy.Just because we dont believe what they do.He really does remind me of that character,witchfinder general ?Who we all know was a completely sick individual,in the film.

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Re: Spirit Of The Greenwood by Barbara Green

Well for starters the bishop published on Arcadia that I was sacked from my job which is entirely untrue and can be proven to be a lie in any court of law by simply checking by records with the NHS, HE REFUSED TO NAME HIS SOURCES with some vague waffle about "its all over the Internet"--which I could never find anyway, obvioulsy as its untrue, and he never apologised. Why should he, or his "front window" of the moment, write such a thing? Simple malice, and no apology for the mistake, which even if it had been true, there was no need toplaster it all over a public message board--for what reason other than pure malice. Whay relevence would it had havd to Robin Hood? The rest of the waffle is just that---Manchester bombarded me and many other with anti Farrant literature for many years, seeking to suck us into his personal feud.

Clearly Mr M does not understand the concept of CAUSE AND EFFECT.Why do so many people--barring the famous four thousand--find him preposterous and immature and it impossible to believe his lurid vampire hunting yarns--when has he ever produced hard and fast evidence for the hundreds of vampires he has claimed to despatch(I believe that is the word) He was a miserable failure at Kirklees---he states he went there for a vigil--what was the vigil supposed to do--if people wwere desperate surely he went to rescue them, not just stand by a tree for 3 hours with a candle in his hand? He tired to fudge the issue of trespass and lambast other people for trespassing when in fact he did just the same. What logic can twist that paradox into virtue ---none, but he has a jolly good try. He trespassed, just like the rest of us, but was too busy trying to get on Lady A's social list, to admit it was a trepass, it was some kind of emergency rescue from vampires mission, which, at the end of the day, he failed to do!According to his articles, as published in my book, which is now, by the same dickipoggy logic, in that book to defame him, when I simply wrote the facts as described by himself!!! Barmy or what!!!!

Nothing he says stands up to scrutiny and that is what he actually hates,people asking awkward questions and querying his version of events, he never answers a single question that demands evidence other than his infllaibile "word".If you doubt that you are "disloyal" a "satanist" and a helpless "minion of farrant." !!

AS for his four thousand followers, well Hitler had many thousands of followers also, they were called the Gestapo and Nazis and look where it got him! David Koresh had a load of followers and so did Jim Jones, not to mention the Rev Moon! I didnt know how many people were on my fb, I hardly look into it,thanks for counting up for me, nosey parker, but am far too busy doing sensible , useful things to be spending time corresponding with such mass followings. Though his army of anonymous supporters will probabaly do all the legwork! haha ! Jolly good for him, I could say I have half a million followers if I felt like it.Its quality not quantity, dear fella.

Farewell for now, take a pill, have a laugh

Fiddle de dee, chill out man



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