You are hereBodewryd Standing Stone (a.k.a. Carreglefn, Maen Pres)

Bodewryd Standing Stone (a.k.a. Carreglefn, Maen Pres)

The Bodewryd standing stone is approximately between eleven and twelve feet tall, and stands alone in a field on the Plas Bodewryd Estate. It is also known as Carreglefn (Smooth Stone), and as Maen Pres (Brass Stone). There are two legends associated with the stone, the first of which says that if you cut into the soil around its shadow at a certain time of the day, you will discover buried treasure. The second legend relates to finding and reciting a supposed inscription written on the stone. If this is done properly, then it is said will move aside to reveal buried treasure.

Simon Topham

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