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Mawddach Sea Monster

During the last twentieth century there have been a few experiences that have led to suggestions that the Mawddach Estuary at Barmouth may be the home of a sea monster. According to Mysterious Wales by Chris Barber a local woman claimed to have found four large footprints in the sand, described as being ‘as big as an elephant’s’. In 1937 a crocodile like animal was witnessed by a Harlech man as it walked along the river bank and on 2 March 1975 six schoolgirls described a creature they saw in broad daylight. ‘It had a long neck and a square face and a long tail with a flipper at the back and its skin was black and patchy’.

The Paranormal Database briefly mentions the creature and its various descriptions, saying they range from ‘the traditional sea serpent to a creature resembling a giant turtle with an egg shaped head and two spines jutting from its back.’

Is there a creature in the Mawddach Estuary and around the coast of Barmouth and if so, why does each description differ?

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