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‘The Baby of Y Dolydd'

Y Dolydd is a long vacated, derelict cottage with an interesting Tylwyth Teg (Welsh Fairy) legend associated with it. Many years ago the cottage was the residence to a poor young widow, who one day encountered a charismatic Tylwyth Teg who asked her to bring up a child for him. The widow agreed to this, and several days later she found a beautiful baby boy on her doorstep. She also found a pair of gloves with the baby, which she had previously been told to wear every time that she handled the child. The widow followed this rule vigilantly, until, one day a bee landed on the baby’s cheek and she mindlessly brushed the bee away with an ungloved hand. At that instant the Tylwyth Teg baby was nowhere to be found, and the widow was grieved stricken. A few years later, the young widow passed away, it is said of a broken heart, and at her funeral a handsome young boy was seen standing at the graveside. No one at the funeral knew who the young lad was, but every person believed that he was the infant that she had agreed to raise for the Tylwyth Teg

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