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Aberdyfi and Cardigan Bay

The area around Cardigan Bay has a number of 'lost land' legends pertaining to it. These legends have changed over the centuries.

The most recent story concerns 'The Lost Lowland Hundred'; lands now drowned which were ruled by a King called Gwyddno Garantir. The area was protected from the sea by a system of sluices, dams and waterways.

One night after heavy feasting and drinking a man called Seithennin who was in charge of the dams forgot to close the sluice gates, and the sea rushed in and drowned the lands and people. It is said that the bells from the 16 drowned cities can be heard during calm weather. For the full story click here.

The second and earlier story concerns the lost Land of Tyno Helig, which was ruled by a prince called Helig ap Glannawg.

In tradition the land disappeared under the sea because of a curse that was cast upon Helig's daughter. She and her lover murdered a rich Nobleman to secure money for a wedding party.

His ghost appeared at the wedding feast, and proclaimed vengeance over 4 generations of their family. The daughter and her lover lived into old age, and were drowned with all their kin when their great great grandson was born.

Directions: Reached from the A493

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