The Lost Land of Wales

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2 Responses

  1. padim says:

    Re: The Lost Land of Wales
    So very interesting…I loved this story. You see, I have traced my ancestry back to the Gwynedds, and others…as well as Princess Scota. This is the first time when I have read a story about this ancient ancestor. It is literally in my blood, (DNA), to seek out stories and histories of my ancient family. I traced my history back through a Mabel Fitz Harmon…my Mother is a Harmon…I will read everything on this site…thanks…patricia…aka Padi

  2. Simon Topham says:

    Re: The Lost Land of Wales
    Cantre’r Gwaelod, also known as Cantref Gwaelod or Cantref y Gwaelod (English: The Lowland Hundred), a sunken kingdom between Ramsay Island and Bardsey Island.