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Roman Steps

On a popular walking route for ramblers and hikers, from Cwm Bychan through Bwlch Tyddiad and around Rhinog Fawr, you will encounter the Roman Steps. These steps made in the hills are commonly said to have been constructed by the Romans to facilitate the ascent and descent of their sentries to and from the pass of Bwlch Tyddiad (1,294 ft and 7.5 miles out of Llanbedr). In actual fact, the steps are more probably mediaeval in design, and were probably part of a pack horse trail to provide access over the hostile terrain to the coastal plain. There are probably about 2000 steps, and many of them are sound, apparently as on the day they were first made. There is a legend that there is a secret tunnel from the steps to Harlech Castle.

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Re: Roman Steps

There is local legend that says a troops of Roman soldiers with pack mules can sometimes be seen trudging up the Roman steps, and that anybody who follows the soldiers will be led to secret hoarde of gold.



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