Country and County: Cambridgeshire


The Cross Keys Hotel, Chatteris

The Cross Keys Hotel in Chatteris is thought to be a 16th or 17th century coaching inn  and nearly 30 years was considered the most haunted pub in East Anglia.  The following article entitled...


Mill Road, Cambridge

The following Cambridgeshire News story by Nicola Gwyer was published 4 October 2019. There has been a report of a “quite annoying” ghost spotted on Mill Road. The spooky spirit was spotted just outside...

Shug Monkey

According to tradition Slough Hill Lane and the area between between Balsham and West Wrattling was haunted by a black dog with the face of a monkey. It was described in James Wentworth Day’s ‘Here are Ghosts & Witches’ (1954) as ‘a cross between a big rough-coated dog and a monkey with big shining eyes.

Wicken Fen Black Dog

Wicken Fen is a wetland area which has been cared for by the National Trust since 1899. A Black Dog is said to haunt the area around Wicken Fen.

The Miller at the Professor’s Examination

THERE once came to England a famous foreign professor, and before he came he gave notice that he would examine the students of all the colleges in England. After a time he had visited all but Cambridge, and he was on his road thither to examine publicly the whole university.

Joseph Hempsall’s Ghost

Here’s an interesting piece of Cambridgeshire folklore I found in a book called "Folktales of the Fen Country". Joseph Hempsall was a true born "Fen Slodger". He lived in a small cottage on the Soham side of Wicken Fen during the late 17th century. Every evening Hempsall would cross the fen, known locally as "Big Bog" to drink with his friends at tavern in Wicken.

Mr M’s Experience – Cambridge

In her 1848 publication ‘The night side of nature, or, Ghosts and ghost seers’, Catherine Crowe describes an apparition witnessed at the apartment of a Cambridge University student. Unfortunately in the account repeated below there is no indication as to the exact location where this experience took place or when it happened.

Trinity College, Cambridge University

In a History of the Supernatural (1863), William Howitt mentions a haunting associated with Trinity College, Cambridge. He had obtained the information from the poet William Wordsworth (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850), who in turn had been informed of it by his youngest brother, Christopher Wordsworth (9 June 1774 – 2 February 1846), The Master of Trinity.