Anchorites and Anchoresses

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Anchorites and Anchoresses
    The Ancrene Wisse dating from the early 13th century was a guide for Anchoresses with such great advice as:

    “You shall not eat meat or fat [but] eat as many vegetables as you like; accustom yourself to little drink. Do not on any day fast on bread and water unless you have permission.”

    “It does not matter whether your clothes are black or white so long as they are plain, warm and well-made. No-one must wear linen next to the skin (unless it is made of tow or coarse flax). You must sleep in a gown belted at the waist, but loosely enough to allow the thickness of your hand between.”

    “You shall have your hair cut four times a year.”

    “Unless need compels you …you must not keep any animal except a cat.”

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