Mitchell’s Fold

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2 Responses

  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: Mitchell’s Fold
    In Paul Devereux’s book ‘Places Of Power’ the 1.85m pillar on the eastern side of the circle has a strong effect on a compass needle.  He also mentioned that on 17 August 1987 a group of people witnesses a ball of light at an estimated distance of 50m from the circle and later saw light balls emerging from the ground around the stones. 

  2. martinwall says:

    Re: Mitchell’s Fold
    I used to go out to Mitchell’s fold quite regularly and then for a pint or two at the Miner’s Arms Priestweston nearby. The panaramic view is stunning. There used to be a display about local fairy lore and a druid’s well at the pub but it has gone now. I’ve never seen anything like balls of light there, but over twenty years ago I witnessed just this same phenomenon at Arbor Low henge in Derbyshire with a friend. The display went on all nighn and as it was mid-summer’s eve the day dawned early and we could still see them. I saw something similar at Glastonbury Tor which may have been ball lightning, though I could not explain it. There were 200 or so people present too.