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3 Responses

  1. betty says:

    Re: Newgrange
    i love newgrange been there a long time ago now but i loved it,the way the sun shines into that little chamber but the way it was built when i was there the tour guide said the stones were not from that part of Ireland so had to be brought there than you have to notice how many hills there are their an how hard it must have been for the people of that time to transport big stone like that up thoses hills what devotion to some ones work!wondreful people they must have been.

  2. Daniel Parkinson says:

    Re: Newgrange
    It is an amazing place, although who knows how democratic the society was.

  3. bedb says:

    Re: Newgrange
    I have to laugh at the Mayan doomsday sayers….the world is supposed to end on Winter solstice 2012….but that is also the time the ancients celebrated the return of the sun. If the world does end on that day…I want to be at NewGrange