St Govan’s Chapel

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: St Govan’s Chapel
    British Goblins (1881) by Wirt Sykes:
    ‘Also in this parish (St David’s) is the renowned Expanding Stone, an excavation in the rock of St. Gowan’s chapel, which has the magic property of adapting itself to the size of the person who gets into it, growing smaller for a small man and larger for a large one. Among its many virtues was that if a, person got into it and made a wish, and did not change his mind while turning about, the wish would come true. The original fable relates that this hollow stone was once solid; that a saint closely pursued by Pagan persecutors sought shelter of the rock, which thereupon opened and received him, concealing him till the danger was over and then obligingly letting him out. This stone may probably be considered as the monkish parallel for the magic stones which confer on their possessor invisibility, as we find them in the romances of enchantment. In the ‘Mabinogion’ such stones are frequently mentioned, usually in the favourite form of a gem set within a ring.’