St Sidwell’s (Sativola’s or Sadfyl’s) Well

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  1. Ian Topham says:

    Re: St Sidwell’s (Sativola’s or Sadfyl’s) Well
    ‘The history and description of the city of Exeter’ by Alexander Jenkins 1806 says ‘In a brick ground adjoining Well lane some years since were discovered several Urns containing human ashes as supposed they were of very coarse workmanship and bedded very deep in the clay one of these Urns is now in the possession of Nicholas Strong Gardener And in another brick field near St Ann’s Chapel a small patera of a regular circular figure with a foot neatly turned was found at the depth of twelve feet in a solid bed of clay which to all appearance had never been broken into this patera is made of a beautiful red earth or clay of excellent workmanship and had been highly glazed some part of which is still remaining it is now in the possession of James Wescombe Brickinaker.’